The thinkphp of PHP framework

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The thinkphp of PHP framework

1. Introduction

thinkphp is a free, open-source, fast, and simple object-oriented, lightweight PHP development framework that follows the release of APACHE2 Open source license Agreement for Agile Web application development and simplified enterprise application development.
Thinkphp borrowed a lot of good frameworks and models from abroad, such as the use of object-oriented development structures and MVC concepts, using a single entry model, incorporating struts and action ideas and JSP Taglib,ror Ormyingshe He The ActiveRecord mode encapsulates the curd and some common operations.

2. Features

1> Class Library import: Thinkphp uses a class library package and namespace-based approach to import the class library, which makes the class library import look simpler and clearer, and also supports conflict detection and alias import.

2>url mode: The system supports normal mode, pathinfo mode, rewrite mode and compatible mode URL, colleagues support different server and run mode deployment.

3> compilation mechanism: The original core compilation and the project dynamic compiling mechanism, effectively reduces the performance cost of the load file in OOP development.

4> Query Language: Built-in rich query mechanism, including combination query, matching query, interval query, statistical query and so on.

5> View Model: Create database views easily and dynamically

6> Block module: Don't worry about the division and deployment of large projects, the breakout module solves the challenges of cross-project

7> Template engine: An XML-based, compiled template engine is built into the system, supporting two types of tags, incorporating the idea of smarty and JSP tag libraries ,

Supports tag library extensions, and supports third-party template engines such as Smarty,easetemplate,templatelite,smart through drivers.

8>ajax Support: Built-in AJAX data return method, support data to return the client in Json,xml and eval format, and the system does not bind any Ajax class library

You can use the familiar Ajax class library to do it at your own discretion.

9> Caching mechanism: System support includes various types of dynamic data cache such as file mode, APC,DB,MEMCAHE,SHMOP, and static cache which can be customized.

Rules, and provides a convenient room which sends to save the operation.

3. Download method

thinkphp is a free open source, fast, simple OOP lightweight PHP development framework that follows the release of APACHE2 Open Source license Agreement,

Via official website: or svn download address full version: Http://, core version:/HTTP

The above describes the PHP framework of the thinkphp, including aspects of the content, I hope the PHP tutorial interested in a friend to help.

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