The UbuntuOne file service will shut down Canonical, which is not considered as the "free storage war"

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Canonical's cloud storage service UbuntuOne has been welcomed by Ubuntu users all over the world. It is also a strong competitor against Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive. However, Canonical announced today that it is about to exit this & ldquo; free storage War & rdquo; and will stop providing the UbuntuOne file service. Canonical says additional investment is required to continue providing the UbuntuOne service globally,

Canonical's cloud storage service Ubuntu One has always been popular among users in the Ubuntu World. It is also a strong competitor against Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. HoweverToday, Canonical announced that it will withdraw from the "free storage war" and will stop providing the Ubuntu One file service.

Canonical said that it would require additional investment to continue providing the Ubuntu One service globally, which is clearly not a benefit of Ubuntu. "We would rather invest more effectively in our open platform and choose the services and content of our partners ." Canonical senior executive Jane Silber said in his blog post.

Now, when you go to the homepage of Ubuntu One, you will find that you cannot purchase storage services or music from the Ubuntu One store. It is expected that the service will be closed in June 1, but the existing stored content will still be available for users to download. The deadline is July 31. After that, the user data stored on the Ubuntu One server will be deleted.

The company also said it did not lose confidence in the file service, and as an open source software, it will provide code for the broader community platform development. "Disabling the service will not affect single-point login of the Ubuntu One service, the Ubuntu paid service, or the backend U1DB database service ." A few weeks ago, Google just lowered the cost of Google Drive services. 1.99 GB capacity is USD 9.99 per month, and 1 TB capacity is USD per month. Other services, such as Dropbox, Amazon, and Microsoft, provide similar price services and a certain capacity of free storage. Ubuntu may not be able to withstand these advantages.

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