The VC6 console program uses SoapToolkit3.0 to invoke WebService

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<span id="Label3"></p><p><p>1. First install the SOAPTOOLKIT3.0 installation package and install it (my installation directory is: D:\Program files\mssoap\)</p></p><p><p>2. New VC Console program (empty project), project Name: winconsole6invokewebservice, Add a C + + source file (main.cpp), D:\Program The Lib file under the SOAP installation directory Files\mssoap\ Lib\mssoap30.lib copied to the project Folder.</p></p><p><p>3. Add Source Code:</p></p><pre class="brush:cpp;gutter:true;">#include <stdio.h> #include <iostream> #include <vector> #import "msxml4.dll" using namespace std; Using namespace MSXML2; #import "C:\Program Files\Common files\mssoap\binaries\mssoap30.dll" exclude ("IStream", "ierrorinfo", "isequential Stream "," _large_integer "," _ularge_integer "," tagstatstg "," _filetime ") using namespace MSSOAPLib30; void query (char* endpointurl, char* Namespace, char* method, vector<string>& v) {isoapserializerptr Serialize R Isoapreaderptr Reader; Isoapconnectorptr Connector; Connect to the service connector.createinstance (__uuidof (HttpConnector30)); connector->property["endpointurl"] = endpointurl; Interface position Connector->connect (); and server Connection/Begin message connector->property["soapaction"] = _bstr_t (Namespace) + _bstr_t (method); Connector->beginmessage (); Serializer.createinstance (__uuidof (SoapSerializer30)); Will SerializER connected to Connector input string serializer->init (_variant_t ((iunknown*) connector->inputstream)); Create a SOAP message Serializer->startenvelope ("soap", "", ""); Serializer->startbody ("body"); Serializer->startelement (method, Namespace, "", ""); The namespace must have a for (vector<string>::iterator it = v.begin (); it! = v.end (); It++) {serializer->startele ment ("username", Namespace, "", ""); Serializer->writestring (it->c_str ()); Serializer->endelement (); } serializer->endelement (); Serializer->endbody (); Serializer->endenvelope (); Connector->endmessage (); Send the message to the Web service//read response reader.createinstance (__uuidof (SoapReader30)); Reader->load (_variant_t ((iunknown*) connector->outputstream), ""); printf ("Answer:%s\n", (const char*) reader->rpcresult->text); Reader->rpcresult->gettext () equivalent} int main (int argc, char* argv[]) {CoInitialize (NULL); Char* Endpointurl = ""; char* Namespace = ""; Vector<string> v1, v2; V2.push_back ("joeblack"); Query (endpointurl, Namespace, "Hello", v2); CoUninitialize (); GetChar (); Return 0;}</pre><p><p>  </p></p>In this way, the program is completed, and can be run to get WebService Service.<p><p>One of the WebService services is developed using asp.net2005 (c #), The source code is as Follows:</p></p><pre class="brush:csharp;gutter:true;">Using system;using system.web;using;using System.Web.Services.Protocols; [WebService (Namespace = "")] [webservicebinding (conformsto = Wsiprofiles.basicprofile1_1)]public class{ Public Service () {//if using a design component, uncomment the following line//initializecomponent (); } [WebMethod (Description = "let's say \" hi\ "")] public string Hi () {return "Hello world, Happy New year! "; } [WebMethod (Description = "hello joeblack")] public string Hello (string Username) {return username + ", Happy New year! ";} [WebMethod (Description = "method of summation")] public double addition (double i, double j) {return i + j; } [WebMethod (Description = "method of difference")] public double subtract (double i, double j) {return i-j; } [WebMethod (Description = "method of quadrature")] public double multiply (double i, double j) {return i * j; } [WebMethod (Description = "operator'sMethod ")] Public Double Division (double i, double j) {if (j! = 0) return i/j; else return 0; }}</pre><p><p>  </p></p><span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.5; background-color: #ffffff;"><span style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.5; background-color: #ffffff;">Call the Hello method, which is called as Follows:</span></span>SOAP 1.1<p><p>The following is an example of a SOAP 1.2 request and Response. The placeholder displayed is replaced with the <span class="value">actual Value. </span></p></p><pre><pre><span class="value">Lengthsoapaction: "" <?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "utf-8"? ><soap:envelope xmlns: xsi= "" xmlns:xsd= "" xmlns:soap= "http//"> <soap:Body>

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