The web is not well learned, while watching the HTTP protocol can not

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The web is not well learned, while watching the HTTP protocol can not?
Is that OK? I would like to know more about this area of knowledge.
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Is that necessary? You're not a network communicator.
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is that necessary? You're not a network communicator.

I don't quite agree with you, for a web developer, other protocols I don't say, but understanding the HTTP protocol is necessary
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Network aspects of things, you can go to understand, do not need very deep, as a primer to learn some of it.

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HTTP protocol can be understood, but like you this situation, can now understand, but do not spend too much energy, and so on a certain basis, you can go back to the good research ~
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You know, you can.
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Say a not very good-looking ha, like a novice to learn to cook, you should first learn how to judge the rice has not been cooked, rather than first to understand each ingredient of the vitamin composition.

Of course, if you're headed for a dietitian, that's another matter. But if your goal in itself is to do a good job, then the true meaning is not big, there is a time really better to study how to grasp the heat to a more real point.

Do not like to spray, harmonious society
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