thinkphp How to upload the image on the server to seven cows or a cloud.

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Use PHP to upload images from the current server to seven cows or to the cloud or another server.

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Use PHP to upload images from the current server to seven cows or to the cloud or another server.

The SDK can certainly be uploaded, I'll add it here.
In fact, without the SDK, not to do development, you can also use seven bull and pat the cloud, using their mirroring function.
For example:

  1. Your picture outside the network access address is:

  2. Then set an app in seven cows with the mirror address set to

  3. Get seven cow to give you an application address such as

  4. When a user accesses, seven KN accesses your server and caches the Then show the 1.jpg to the user.

  5. When other users visit Http:// again, seven bulls will determine if the 1.jpg has been cached. If it is cached, it is displayed to the user before

You can come here to register seven kn Https:// with 10g of space.

The seven cows and the cloud all have the SDK, you look at the document to get it done. To upload files from one server to another, I only think of two for the time being. A feature that completes uploads under the current project, and then uses Message Queuing to move uploaded files to a file server. The other is to use the upload directly on the file server. This is probably the meaning, the mouth is stupid is not very descriptive. Seven cows and another one. The SDK provided by the cloud is actually the second kind

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