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HTML5 PC side does not support HLS, mobile phone can have a speed interface has a standard interface
Swseplayer Support HLS Protocol No-speed interface with standard interface documentation
jwplayer7.1.4 Support HLS protocol, foreign better flash no-speed interface has standard interface documentation, version instability, interface details. Quiz 5.8-7.1 7 versions of various address downloads,
No green version available, before using the product, you need to register with the official website to obtain the appropriate user code before you can use it.
and browsing data, need to send back to the official website server for statistics. Online said there is a speed, do not have Yo interface. Video has an official watermark
FlowPlayer Official website does not support the HLS protocol has the Speed Interface API address: Http:// has the official watermark, does not support the local, needs the HTTP service
Flowplayer-git git third-party open source version Support HLS Protocol no-speed interface git open source version, and does not inherit all the interface of the official website, Apple has. Official watermark, no local support, HTTP service required
OSMF does not support HLS Protocol No-speed interface API address:
Osmf-git support HLS protocol without speed interface Git's open source version supports HLS protocol
Youku_player--Not running
ckplayer6.7 does not support HLS protocol false-speed interface The player implements the interface in Fast forward way
Chromeless Support HLS Protocol No-speed interface
Video.js website does not support HLS Protocol No-speed interface API address:
QuickTime is not free, no web version
VLC needs to install browser plugin with speed interface

In addition to VLC and HTML5, other players are flash plug-ins, there are cross-domain issues when accessing m3u8. Server header required.

Add_header Access-control-allow-origin *;
Add_header access-control-allow-headers X-requested-with;
Add_header Access-control-allow-methods get,post,options;

Those I've tried. Web Player

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