Three application-capable stealth killers: Who kills your app?

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For mobile developers, active user Churn = Application of chronic death! When your creativity, user experience, and coding are impeccable, who's unknowingly Kill your app? Based on data statistics: "Connection timeout", "Crash" and "CPU usage issues" are the three hidden killers that kill your app!

Number one stealth killer: Connection Timeout

According to statistics, the network error is the first issue of app shutdown, and in mobile applications, the highest proportion of network error data errors is the connection timeout error. Imagine that when you spend a lot of money trying to promote your app to a user's phone, and the connection timeout doesn't work when the user first tries it, most users will choose to never open your app again.

Based on the analysis of the exposed sample data: An application has a connection time-out error, which starts at 9 o'clock in the morning and the error rate increases to more than 2%.

The example applies daily live 4 million, month live 40 million. Therefore, this problem will be directly brought to the developer of nearly 10W users will be permanently no longer used. If this issue lasts for one months, nearly 100W users will permanently no longer use this app! A small "connection timeout" is a daily "steal" the developer's users, killer color, "expensive" for the app number one killer!

Stealth Killer # Second: crash

Collapse, is a realm, teach you also will not only own experience! App crashes are often accompanied by a user's "Crash"!

Based on the application analysis of the same sample, it was found that the crash rate on July 1 rose from about 1 to 2.

So the analysis: more than 99% of the crashes are focused on the 4.6.5 version of the application, so the developer can determine that the reason is due to the application of the new version on-line.

By listening to the cloud platform analysis can directly locate the "crash" cause, and based on the system version and phone model crash reasons for analysis and improvement, to find out the app's killer number second.

# Third Stealth killer: CPU usage issues

July 2014 Wuhan Morning News report: In the canton Port Tun a mobile phone repair shop learned that the recent high temperature and humid weather in Wuhan, so that mobile phone "heatstroke patients" there is an increase in the trend. "Make a phone call, the cell phone is hot and hot, just start also did not pay attention to, now the mobile phone perm simply freezes, this is how?" ”

According to Japan's NHK website in February 2014, last year, Japan's National Consumer Life Center received 520 pieces of mobile phone overheating, mobile phone crashes and other consulting cases, is 5 times times the previous year.

According to the Peninsula news report in July 2014, the driver Xiao Liu mobile phone playing with the crash, the phone automatically hung up, due to frequent crashes, slow speed, temperature rise and even high temperature caused by the plastic material of the mobile phone back cover melting situation.

The advent of summer, mobile phone overheating, mobile phone suddenly crashed into a user frequently complained about the handset manufacturers a big problem.

According to Baidu search data, there are 275W "mobile phone overheating" search results. But please do not put the user's problems into the cell phone battery, listen to the Cloud Platform analysis: CPU overload is the third killer to kill the app.

According to data, when the application executes a list page program, the CPU and memory usage increases significantly, and the corresponding threads take a significant increase in elapsed time. High CPU frequency settings can cause overheating, overheating leads to more power consumption, low CPU frequency settings lead to phone lag, slow application processing will also lead to power consumption. More often than not, users can only turn off or even uninstall the app to solve the CPU overload problem. Your app will be killed!

Imprisoned killers

How do you imprison "connection timeouts", "Crashes" and "CPU usage problems" and even more killers that cause user churn?

Based on published data: 69% developers are still in a bare-ben state! As an application performance management service provider, the keynote network recently released the listening Cloud platform, the daily help developers to monitor more than 10 billion real user requests, found that more than 150,000 applications, to help the application retention due to the performance problem is about to leave the user more than 1.75 million, through the core technology advantage to quickly help developers "imprisoned "The killer that applies the performance."

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Listen to Cloud Platform official website:

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