To the benefits of using phpstorm+thinkphp developers

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Remember this time two years ago, I began to learn PHP.
I chose the thinkphp primer and wrote my first simple cms.
At that time I do not understand anything, but here the technical atmosphere is good, I ask every must have Daniel escort.
With CMS, find the first job in the IT industry.
In the past two years, he has also used some foreign frameworks for its fall and swing.
A recent job has returned to think.
I began to encounter some problems, such as the use of D (), M () method, the development of the IDE can not be automatically linked to the model file, can not use method completion, which greatly affected the development efficiency. On the phpstorm, some foreign frameworks yii,laravel ... Developers have written the appropriate plugin to solve this problem. So I took the heart of the nurture, also wrote a simple plugin.
Let's look at the effect:

The basic realization of the class name of automatic completion, automatic correlation model file, automatic completion of the method.
You can go to Phpstorm plug-in center search thinkphp-complete Download installation

Of course, if you are interested in adding new features to the plugin or fix bugs, you can go to Https:// contribution code, if you feel that really help you, may wish to give a star.
In order to facilitate the submission of bugs, or at any time to respond to new needs, I built QQ group 320655679.
Finally, I want to move the plugin to Eclipse,zend, but Eclipse's plug-in development documentation is very unfriendly to the novice developer, so this can be said sorry with the students of Eclipse and Zend.

To the benefits of using phpstorm+thinkphp developers

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