To the road in the brush machine to go rough friend-brush machine failure Solution

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Brush machine has a certain risk, improper brush machine method may bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as failure to boot, boot, function failure and other consequences. So we should carefully brush the machine, try to avoid unscientific operation. Let's start with the line brush to explain the failure of the brush caused by the line brush or the mobile phone into a brick rescue method.

Flash Machine Danger One

Using the RSD tool line brush, the brush process is fine, but finally RSD shows the manually power up this phone. (please start the phone manually, brush the machine no problem, don't be nervous.) )

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

1. This is the prompt to manually boot the meaning, directly by pressing the power button on the boot on the OK.

2. If the first method does not work, re-swipe to the last appearance of the manually powerup this phone to take the battery. Be careful not to unplug the USB, do not turn off RSD, then install the battery, restart the phone, and then wait for the familiar splash screen quietly.

Flash Machine Dangerous Two

Startup Rsd,model Item shows s Flash Neptune LTE2 and does not display the phone's model number.

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

USB driver is not installed, can be replaced by other drivers to try, the general official mobile phone drivers can be downloaded on the official website, or install pea pods and motodrivertool.

Flash Machine Danger Three

FastBoot (DOS) can be entered manually, but the computer does not respond or cannot be connected.

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

Open RSD, take the battery plug on the phone, press the back button plus the power button (according to their own mobile phone brand, you can search the model to enter the FastBoot method), while loading batteries. Be careful not to release these three keys for 3 minutes until you connect to the computer five, the Line Brush machine tool appears codecorrupt.

The above basic is the line brush process will appear in a number of factors affecting the success of the brush machine. The following is mainly the process of the card brush part of the problem and the reason for the failure of the brush machine.

Flashing Danger Four

The brush step is complete, in theory the brush machine is successful, but the boot white screen or stop on the static picture or always restart.

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

1. May be the cause of the memory card, unplug the memory card to boot.

2. Did you shuangqing the machine? Enter recovery mode, and then select Wipe Chace and wipe date. Finally install the Brush Pack (the installed can be skipped). Then reboot restart the phone.

Brush the dangerous five of the machine

The battery power is not enough or the sudden situation brush half did not finish brush.

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

1. Good situation, can enter recovery: Brush again, or change other brushes.

2. The situation is grim and unable to enter the recovery. You will need to download the official RSD line brush package and kernel, enter the FastBoot, re-brush the official system with the line brush, and re-enter the third-party recovery (same as the first brush step)

3. The situation deteriorated, the phone did not respond, unable to boot. This is the standard brick machine. Don't worry, the battery may be dead, and the battery will be filled with a universal charger. or replace the battery. Just plug in your computer and you'll be saved. When the battery is full and then enters the fastboot, use the line brush method to re-brush the official system and then brush into the third-party recovery (same as the first brush step)

Well, the above is the general situation will appear in the Brush machine failure and the way to save bricks. But the universe is a strange. The following is a small series of communication with netizens found a few brush machine failure situation.

Brush Machine Danger Six

FastBoot appears crigtal error 84 during the brushing process

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

General error, re-brush package or replace line Brush Pack (note file format, not zip).

Flash Machine Danger Seven

FastBoot appears phone Code Sig error Batter Low

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

Fully charge the phone battery and then brush the machine. (At least 50% of the charge must be guaranteed before the machine is brushed)

Brushing Machine Dangerous Eight

FastBoot appear phone?? CODE SIG?? ERROR err:35:02 or Phsig 35:02

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

This occurs because of the voltage and interface instability reasons, with the chassis behind the motherboard U-brush machine, if not, first drop the boot level, re-brush the kernel. Re-brush the machine.

Flash Machine Dangerous Nine

Can't enter the FastBoot, plug the computer can not connect

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

1. Open RSD, take the battery, plug in the phone, press the back button + power on the key (different models into the FastBoot method is not the same, please refer to their own models), while loading batteries. Note that do not release these three keys for 3 minutes until you connect to the computer.

2. If the above method does not work, 45 short-connect method can be used. The steps are as follows:

① find a broken U-shaped hard wire (tweezers can also), take off the battery.

② the machine is facing itself, find the data cable interface.

③ from right to left count the copper contacts below it, find the 4th and 5th one.

④ the 4th and 5th contacts, the tool is a tweezers or a hard wire.

⑤ installed on the battery, successfully entered the FastBoot, the short-connect tool to disconnect, connected to the data line, the system can be rewritten again.

Flash Machine Danger Ten

The progress of the brush is 3%, 38%, 89%, etc. process stop

Brush machine Failure Resolution method:

may be a voltage problem or USB interface problems, the general situation with the motherboard USB port or the replacement line brush is OK.

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To the road in the brush machine to go rough friend-brush machine failure Solution

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