Tomcat started when stuck in "info:deploying Web application Directory"

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Today, when Tomcat deploys a Web site on Linux, it prompts for success when it starts Tomcat, and can then access it successfully.

However, the second boot, although no error, but unable to access Tomcat, view the Catalina.out log, found that Tomcat card in the info:deploying Web application directory ...

Later read a post to solve the problem. In $JAVA _home/jre/lib/security/, change the contents of Securerandom.source to File:/dev/./urandom

Originally Linux or some UNIX systems provide random number devices are/dev/random and/dev/urandom, two have a difference, urandom security is not random high, but random takes time interval to generate random numbers.

May be stuck when generating random numbers, causing Tomcat not to start/ can also be added when the server is started

Tomcat started when stuck in "info:deploying Web application Directory"

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