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This article is from The Web engineer's online toolbox of Ivan Zuzak. The author provides a variety of online tool sets that can be used for development, testing, debugging, and document orchestration. I found that CSDN already has this article 18 tools necessary for Web engineers, but unfortunately this article is not all (the original article was updated to 33 tools later ), in addition, it does not include all the tools that appear in the original comments. Therefore, I have supplemented them with more than 40 tools.

WebEngineer online toolbox

1. RequestBin: allows you to create a URL, use this tool to collect requests, and then perform personalized checks.

2. Hurl: Send an HTTP request, enter the URL, set the title, view the response, and share it with others. Similar Tools include REST test, Apigee console ..

3. Httpbin: HTTP request & response service, covering all HTTP schemes (such as different HTTP verbs, status code, and redirection ). Similar tool: UrlEcho.

4. REDbot: This is a robot tool that helps users check HTTP resources, view their operations, identify common problems, and propose improvements. Similar Tools: HTTP lint.

5. WebGun: API used to create a webhooks template. Similar tool: UrlReq.

6. Webscript selects a url and fills in a Lua code to perform various responds for access, and can actively run tasks, cron jobs, and so on...


7. ClickHooks this is a short URL service. When a user accesses your short URL jump link, the server will call back your URL through http post. This is also a WebHooks method. (Chen Hao Note: WebHooks can be understood as a trigger or handler. For example, when you submit code, the system will call a URL link to POST the code to the website (for example, sending a twitter message or notifying a bug tracker system ))

8. mailHooks allows you to receive emails (WebHooks) through the http post method. You can create more than N hooks for one email address. When one email is received, you can POST this email to a URL.

9. Quilla provides a short website service that people can find. When people submit requests to your short website, they will send you an email. It seems to be a proxy service from HTTP to SMTP.

10. Apify: Public locks in HTML documents without any API datasets. APIfy extracts data from the structure tag and converts it to JSON APIs.

11. Unicorn: W3C unified verification program that can perform various checks in a variety of popular HTML and CSS validators. Similar Tools: HTML lint.

12. JSONLint JSON format verification program

13. Feed validator: supports W3C verification and provides reading sources for RSS and ATOM.

14. Link checker: Extracts links from the website (recursively) and ensures that no links are defined twice (repeatedly defined). All links are referenced and HTTP redirection is warned.

15. Host tracker: Performs website detection services through distributed ping/tracking checks, regular monitoring, email/SMS/IM notifications, and statistics. Similar tools include: Down for everyone or just me, Pimgdom ping service

16. ViewDNS is a set of DNS and network tools, such as reverse IP resolution, DNS record query, and traceroute.

17. a url list of Necrohost is used to simulate different network connection problems, such as slow response, inability to resolve DNS, or 404 or something.

18. Category RR: an application that can be used to mirror a webpage (often used by Chinese people for Web Proxy ).

19. SSL Checker test SSL Authentication

20. CSR/Cert decoder check your CSR and SSL-certified decode.

21. Loadzen Web stress testing tool (Note: Ten Web stress testing tools have been introduced by cool shell in the past)

22. Pingdom Full page test: allows users to test the time recorded, analyzed, and monitored on the web page, discover bottlenecks, and export results in HAR format. Similar Tools: Web page test.

23. Google PageSpeed Insights Analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster.

24. HAR viewer: Use HTTP tracking tools to create visual HTTP Archive (HAR) log files.

25. CORS proxy: usually blocked because of the same domain. This tool allows JavaScript code on the website to access resources in other domains,

26. Browserling: supports interactive cross-browser testing using all major browsers and various versions.

27. WebSocket Echo Test: directs the browser to the WebSocket echo server for WebSocket connection testing.

28. YQL: extremely expressive language similar to SQL, allowing you to query, filter, and connect data across Web Services.

29. Webshell uses the command line script to call some Web APIs.

30. Yahoo Pipes: a graphical user interface used to create data mashups and generate aggregated Web sources, Web pages, and other services.

31. Apiary: language and tool used to generate rest api documentation and perform interactive supervision. Similar tool: Swagger.

32. JSFiddle an online code editor allows you to compile HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and demonstrate it. Similar Tools: JSBin

33. Google Feed API you can use this API to query websites with RSS Feed (example), search for websites with RSS Feed (example), or convert JSON into a JSON return (example)

Tools not listed

1. fiddler-may be one of the most powerful and useful Web debugging tools. It records http and https requests from all clients and servers, allowing you to monitor, set breakpoints, and even modify input and output data. using Fiddler is helpful for both development and testing ..

2.960 grid system generator and CSS reset-two tools focused on Web site design.

3. NuvolaBase-a solution for sharing personal and private data. As the author said, this is not a development tool.

4. Open exchange rates-a json api related to exchange rate currencies. You can search for such APIs on the Programmable Web.

5. Workflowy, LastCalc, Codepad, Mailinator and 10 MinuteMail, one timesecret and CopyPasteCharacter-these apps seem to have nothing to do with Web development.

6. Browsershots-a tool used to test web pages on different platforms. (See)

7. Scriptular and Rubular-Regular Expression tools. There are too many such tools, such as ReFiddle, Regex pal and Txt2Re.

Source: Cool Shell

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