Top ten JavaScript Editor, which do you use?

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For JavaScript programmers, there are a lot of great tools to choose from right now. The text will discuss 10 excellent text editors that support JAVASCRIPT,HTML5 and CSS development, and can use Markdown for document writing. Why use the editor instead of the IDE for JavaScript programming? The reason is that speed is fast.

The essential difference between the editor and the IDE is that the IDE is not only debugging, it can also profile the code, and the IDE supports the application's lifecycle Management (ALM) system. Many of the editors we discuss here support at least one version control system, usually git, and now the difference between the IDE and the editor is getting smaller.

In these 10 JavaScript editors, Sublime text and visual Studio code are among the top two. Sublime text is known for its speed and ease of editing versatility, and Visual Studio code features and speeds almost the same as Sublime text. TextMate ranked third, although TextMate two years ago ranked first, but its function did not really keep up with the development.

You'll probably find your favorite JavaScript editor in sublime text,visual Studio code and brackets, but there are other editor tools Atom,bbedit,komodo Edit,notepad + +, Emacs and Vim are worth knowing. Depending on your current project, you can choose the most convenient editing tool available.

Let's look at all the editors and compare them at the end of the article.

Sublime Text

If you want a flexible, powerful, extensible text editor that can run as fast as lightning and support switching to other windows for code checking, debugging, and deployment, consider using sublime text.

In addition to being faster, Sublime text has a number of notable advantages, covering more than 70 file types, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; Instant navigation and instant project switching; Multiple options (a series of changes at a time), including column selection (a rectangular area of the selected file at a time); Multiple windows (using all of your display Windows) and splitter windows; Complete customization with a simple JSON file; Python-based plug-in API; A unified, searchable command board.

For programmers using other editors, the Sublime text supports TextMate packages (excluding commands) and Vi/vim emulation.

Sublime text is a highly configurable and extensible text editor. It contains more than 50 grammars, including JavaScript, which can be extended using the sublime package and the TextMate syntax definition. The syntax and support for Babel (React) and typescript (Angular) can be installed with a few keystrokes.

Sublime text supports multiple windows, splitter windows, and each project can have multiple workspaces, multiple views, and multiple panes that contain views. When you want to consolidate, debug, and test space, it can be quite simple to use all of the screen space. Sublime text also supports customization of all content: colors, text fonts, global key bindings, tab stops, key bindings for specific files, code snippets, and even syntax highlighting rules. The Sublime text encoding file defaults to a JSON file, and the language definition is XML by default.

Sublime text has an active community for creating and maintaining Sublime text packages and plugins. Many of the features missing from Sublime text, including JSLint and Jshint interfaces, Jsformat,jsminify,prettyjson and git support, can be implemented through the community using Package installer.

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Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a free lightweight editor and IDE, which is released by Microsoft. It has Visual Studio components that can be mixed with an open source atom Electron shell. It provides excellent support for the development of ASP. NET core using C #, and it also provides excellent support for the development of node. js with typescript and JavaScript. Unlike the conventions that Visual Studio supports only on Windows, Visual Studio code can also run on MacOS and Linux.

With the typescript compiler and the salsa engine included, Visual Studio code has very good JavaScript code completion capabilities. Visual Studio code sends JavaScript code to the typescript compiler in the background to infer the type and build the symbol table. You can see the information for the hasOwnProperty method in the box at the bottom of the screen image.

The same symbol table allows IntelliSense to provide you with an excellent list of pop-up options throughout the input process of the expression. You can get the following features: auto-close after filling in, auto-fill completion option, typed automatic method list and automatic parameter list in method. You can enhance IntelliSense by adding a reference to the D.ts file from definitelytyped. When you identify common problems, such as using __dirname in a node. js built-in variable, Visual Studio code gives you these features.

Visual Studio Code is a free lightweight editor and IDE for node. js and ASP. It combines Microsoft technology, such as the Typescript compiler, Roslyn. NET compiler and atom using the electron shell. Visual Studio Code applies to Windows,macos and Linux platforms.

Visual Studio code's git support is very good and easy to use. The Visual Studio Code debugger provides an excellent debugging experience for node. js and ASP. Visual Studio Code has a very good html,css,less,sass and JSON tool, which is based on the same technology as the Internet Explorer F12 developer tools. In addition, Visual Studio code can be customized to integrate with external task-running programs such as Gulp and Jake.

Visual Studio Code has a powerful plug-in ecosystem, such as support for angular and react. It is recommended that you use visual Studio Code when building applications using JavaScript and typescript frameworks and libraries.

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: Https://


Brackets is a free open source editor, originally from Adobe, designed to provide better tools for javascript,html and CSS and related open web technologies. Brackets itself is written in javascript,html and CSS. In addition to the built-in features, brackets also has an extension manager to extend the many languages and tools used by front-end developers. Brackets does not run as fast as sublime text and TextMate, but it runs very fast in addition to pausing to load or update program content from the network.

Brackets not only has good support for javascript,css,html and node. JS, it also has some other great features, such as CSS online editing associated with HTML IDs. In addition, brackets has a simple UI interface and a real-time preview of the page when editing. For the free Code Editor, brackets is a good choice.

The brackets extension is also written in JavaScript, and you can invoke the node. JS module. Unlike most editors that display open files in tabs, brackets has a list of working files that appear above the file tree.

Brackets's JavaScript autocomplete feature is very good, automatically fills in the closing brackets for various types of parentheses, and an automatic drop-down menu of keywords, variables, and methods in the JQuery method after you type $. Brackets can control the debugger for node. js and restart node from the menu item. Brackets can easily add extensions to additional features (such as typescript and JSX support, bower integration and GIT integration).

Quick edits, quick save documents, quick open files, and live previews all help simplify Web application editing, allowing you to focus on coding or design. Brackets also has some drawbacks, such as some brackets extensions that are difficult to configure, not as easy as Emacs packages or vim plugins.

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Atom 1.15.0 is a free, open-source, programmable editor on GitHub for Windows,macos and Linux platforms, integrated with GitHub applications, with a number of available packages and themes.

The Atom source code is on GitHub, which is written in coffeescript and integrated with node. js. Atom is a special presence of the Chromium browser, which is designed to be a text editor rather than a Web browser; Each atom window is essentially a locally rendered web page.

When Atom does not update automatically, performance is very good. It has some great features, such as fuzzy search, quick item search and replace, multiple cursors and selections, multiple panes, code snippets, code folding, and the ability to import textmate syntax and themes. Atom can install two command-line utilities: Atom, which launches the editor from the Shell, and APM, which is used to manage the atom's package.

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Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is a free, reduced feature version of the Komodo IDE in ActiveState, which is a cool multi-language editor.

If you like Komodo IDE but can't afford it, then Komodo edit will be a good choice for you. Komodo edit is not an IDE, so you need to complete code control outside the editor.

It does not provide real-time code collection functionality, and if you develop it independently, you do not have any problems with other people's code. It also does not provide an HTTP inspector. Komodo Edit has the same editing capabilities as the Komodo IDE, but lacks code refactoring, debugging, unit testing, source control integration, and other features that are appropriate for the IDE.

In any case, Komodo edit is free to meet your JavaScript editing needs and provide markup language for editing HTML,CSS,PYTHON,PERL,RUBY,TCL and other programming.

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: Https://

Notepad + +

Notepad + + is a free open source Windows source code Editor and Notepad, ideal for editing JavaScript. It supports about 50 programming and markup languages. In addition to its multiple document editing windows, it also has a workspace tree view, a Feature List tab, and a Document Mapping tab. It's loaded fast enough to be strong enough to make you feel slow.

With syntax coloring and folding capabilities, editable features (including column mode editing and regular expressions, support for search and replace), and a certain amount of function completion and parameter hinting, notepad++ can easily become the preferred code Editor for JavaScript. However, it is not yet a comprehensive JavaScript editor, it cannot generate code, perform operations such as refactoring, and quickly navigate through large projects.

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BBEdit 11.0.3 is a text editor for Mac-only HTML that supports about 35 programming and markup languages, and the Community edition also provides support for many other languages through the BBEdit website. Both the licensed and Community editions have syntax highlighting, and the license version has a number of AutoComplete features, mainly for feature names, variable names, a small number of keywords, and tags. The license version can also be integrated with the Git,perforce and Subversion version control systems.

BBEdit 11 is a major rewrite of the product, which is faster than ever and also works well with ginormous files. It has the ability to copy selection or find results into the new buffer, as well as the clipping function. BBEdit can edit and run Perl,python,ruby, and shell scripts, as well as check the syntax of Perl and Python scripts.

BBEdit support for HTML and markdown is actually better than its support for JavaScript. You can install three command-line tools for BBEdit: one for the editor, one for the diff engine, and the last for the multimedia search.

Website Link:



TextMate was used primarily to write Ruby on Rails on the MacBook, but now TextMate has become less prominent, while sublime text has gradually received a welcome.

TextMate is not an IDE, but it provides features that are missing from language-specific Ides such as packages, code snippets, macros, and scope systems. TextMate now offers simple JavaScript and jquery bundles, which provide a good set of tools for quickly generating JavaScript and jquery code. To have an IDE-like feature, you can use TextMate's shell integration version, but don't expect TextMate to do code refactoring, automated units, or regression testing. If grunt is set correctly, then TextMate can perform JavaScript tests automatically.

TextMate has a bundle preferences tab from which you can download and install additional bundles. The bundle source is actually the source code that the product resides in the GitHub repository.

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: Http://


Emacs and its derivation come from the MIT AI Lab since the early 1970s. Emacs starts with a macro as a Teco text editor and develops independently. The default version of Emacs installed on MacOS is 22.1.1, without GUI support. You can easily install Xemacs,aquamacs (MacOS GUI) and update the GNU Emacs version. Emacs as the JavaScript Editor, the default mode of editing JavaScript is in the JS package, using Emacs to get better syntax highlighting and linting.

Emacs uses the JS2 mode package and is automatically completed using AC-JS2. In Emacs, you can use serial mode to get real-time viewer javascript,html and CSS interaction.

Website Link:


Vim (and variants)

Vi (Visual Interface) was originally written by Bill Joy for Unix and evolved from Ed to ex since 1976. Vim is a free, open source, improved version of VI; the default installation on Mac OS X is version 7.3.

You can easily install the updated version of Vim, Macvim (MacOS GUI) or any feature that applies to your platform. Vim as a JavaScript editor, its recommendations in the Vim-plug Readme file are pretty good.

Website Link:


you decide which editor to use

Whether you're focused on client-side JavaScript or node. js, there are a number of options.

If you are looking for a powerful, fast JavaScript programming text editor and support many other languages, you can choose sublime text.

Visual Studio Code is a good choice if you want a free, fast JavaScript editor that is compatible with the IDE and is well supported for ASP.

Brackets and Atom are two new, free text editors. Brackets is an editor that is very close to the IDE for node. JS Development, and Atom can be highly integrated with GitHub desktop customers.

On Windows, notepad++ is fast, efficient, and free. On MacOS, BBEdit is a fast, cool, and free limited edition that can be used for version control integration and is an HTML tool. TextMate is still a great editor with Fast, full-featured, scalable features, but the pace of development has been slow.

Komodo edit is a good choice if you prefer to use the open source scripting language. If you like the custom editor, Emacs or vim can meet your requirements.

Knowing the editor of JavaScript also requires understanding JavaScript development tools. Wijmo is a new generation of JAVASCRIPT/HTML5 control sets written in Typescript. The world's first support for Angularjs, and the ability to deliver superior performance, 0-dependent FlexGrid and graphs, are a complete set of controls for building enterprise applications.

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Top ten JavaScript Editor, which do you use?

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