Try data Loss Prevention in SharePoint online/onedrive for business and Office applications

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Evolving Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint online/onedrive for business and Office applications

by Office 365Team, on April 21, 2015

Today ' Spost is written by Shobhit Sahay and technical product manager for the Office 365team.

Original address: evolving-data-loss-prevention-in-sharepoint-onlineonedrive-for-business-and-office-applications/

wherever there is data, movement or sharing, we want to protect it. Office365 has already provided data loss prevention (DLP) functionality in Exchange . As the writing office expands from email to websites and documents, we extend DLP to these services. Last year's TechEd, we demonstrated our vision of expanding DLP , and today we are happy to share more information.

announcing the coming of the application to Sharepointonline/one Drive for Business of the DLP Public Preview Version

In the past few months, we have tried very hard to test the internal preview of these cool new features in selected customers . . at the end of this quarter, we'll bring a public preview to all the Office365 user.

last year we were Phase1 did some of the early morning DLP feature so that you can SharePoint online/onedrive forbusiness find sensitive information in . This can help you find high-risk entries, and allows you to do some manual work on these items. But in the public preview of Phase 2 , you can create proactive rules to correct violations and provide users with rule hints and reminders so they can make the right decisions when using sensitive data, just as you are now the DLPused in Exchange. Let's look at these improvements in more detail now.

build for your organization DLP The rules are simple .

in the public preview, administrators can Office365 Compliance Center It's easy to sharepointonline/onedrive for Business set in DLP rules. Rules are made up of conditions, actions, and exceptions, and administrators can use their own modeled to build new rules.

End-user access to continuous rule education

We understand that end users are a very important part of a solution that keeps data secure. As a result, we help them make the right decisions when using sensitive data, giving them a rich reminder based on the context in which they work. Further, if they leave the context, we send them email reminders of the rules. All of this is configurable by the administrator, who can set up rules that allow users to override rules by providing business adjustments that ensure compliance and productivity.

Tracking rule usage and incident management

administrators can use Office365 powerful reporting capabilities to track the effectiveness of the rules. On top of that, they can create incident reports for administrators, contain information about each incident, and then have the team responsible for security review.

What has been supported now? What will be supported?

looking at these new features, you may ask, what new features are coming? Of course, we won't stop there, we'll continue to innovate and release new features in PHASE3. Here is a list of features that have been provided, compared to the upcoming Phase3 features in the second half of the year:

Try data Loss Prevention in SharePoint online/onedrive for business and Office applications

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