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How to Create a wordpress topic? Friends who like theme often try new theme. Have you ever thought about making your own wordpress theme? No? The following is a tutorial for creating a wordpress topic for you ~

The following describes how to create a Wordpress topic. Or, more specifically, I will introduce the main methods and tools to you with some necessary technologies, so that you can have the most necessary resources and save more time, it is easier to create a Wordpress topic. Generally, you may wonder if I have the ability to create a WordPress topic? The following are suitable groups, that is, all people who are interested can.

WordPress local debugging tool

Xampp, of course, the most important thing is that you have downloaded it. Basically, you just need to keep clicking "Next. Then, put your wordpress in the htdos file. Then access: localhost/phpmyadmin/to create a database. Open the wp-config-simple.php In the wp folder and modify the necessary information. Open localhost/wordpress/to install it.

EasyPHP, which is easier. I recommend this for beginners. The installation is still done by pressing "Next. Put your wordpress folder in the www folder and access localhost/mysql/to create a database. Open localhost/to view your WP. Then, install WP, as shown above.

Notice: It should be noted that tools such as thunder occupy ports. It is best to disable them and enable them after you start any of the two software, which can be shared.

WordPress Program

The English version of the WordPress program can be downloaded from the official website;

Basic CSS knowledge

In the CSS tutorial, you can easily learn CSS, HTML, xHTML, and XML. The most important thing is to have instances so that you can easily understand them. Although I read books, I think it may be better for you here. If you are reading a book, I recommend you read two books. However, there are some CSS basics. The first is: "CSS website layout recording" Science Press; the second is "Excellent CSS", people's post and telecommunications press.

Create an e-book using WordPress

This is a tutorial written by small potato of WPdesigner.com. The original Article is in English and Denis is translated. That is, I love the Chinese version of boiled fish. I think this is more useful for Chinese users. However, sometimes translation is difficult to understand. Therefore, we recommend that you compare the English version. This gives you a more accurate understanding of every detail. The Chinese Version has been provided for download at the link above. For English, go to: WPdesigner Version.

Blank WordPress theme

Maybe you have never heard of this, or you have already read it, but you just feel that they are too ugly, so you haven't paid much attention to it. I even think, how can I download such spam theme? Haha, in fact, these are what real experts can do. Okay, too much nonsense. Download it! The first choice is of course a well-structured Sandbox. Please refer to: a beginner in WordPress Theme production: Sandbox Theme; alternative is WordPress Blank Theme (Download ). In any case, this will save you effort, especially as a newbie. However, to create the most distinctive theme, you still need to make some changes to the structure of these theme. It is best to rewrite one by yourself.

Related code and functions

The most important thing is: WordPress Template Tags. You can find all the functions you need here. I think it is more helpful than looking for code. For more information, see WPer. Required: compile a large number of Wordpress code.

You have written the code and written a basic structure. At this time, it should be the most difficult part. Especially for beginners, you don't know how to debug your CSS and how to make it better adapt to different browsers. You need the following tools:

Mainstream browsers: IE/Firefox/Opera/Safari

Multiple-version Internet explorer tool: IE tester, which combines IE5.5, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0. Alternative: Multiple Internet Explorer

Powerful extension of Firefox: Firebug & Web developer, which features a bit of repetition. However, I like to use it together.

The above is the main process for creating WordPress Themes. Let's try to create a WordPress theme for ourselves!

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