Two models. NET Spreadsheet Component Usage tips

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We are already accustomed to the convenience of spreadsheets, and the demand for tables is getting higher. As a developer, I tried a variety of table control, SpreadsheetGear and the two software is I think the more useful, the following on the use of these two forms of the control of the simple summary, I hope and we have a lot of communication.

Everyone may know the earliest spread from its COM start, VB programmers should know. is a spreadsheet platform for. NET development embedded in Microsoft Excel, and currently supports both WinForm and ASP. Two modes, and has good compatibility with Excel. In addition, spread supports 85 colorful chart effects and more than 300 built-in functions. It is worth mentioning that the merchant provides the Chinese version of the, I believe this is a great boon for poor English developers.

Usage Experience:

    • have good Excel compatibility
    • Supports both WinForm and ASP. Two modes
    • Support for interactive editing in Web mode
    • The official Chinese version plus a wealth of documentation and examples to help you get started quickly
    • Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 are currently not supported

SpreadsheetGear is a. NET Spreadsheet component developed by the SpreadsheetGear LLC company. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the best spreadsheet. NET components that are compatible with Microsoft Excel. Supports,windows FORMS,WPF and Silverlight Four development models that programmers can use to create scalable Excel reports and Dynamic Data cockpit (dashboards). SpreadsheetGear supports the charting feature and is fully compatible with Excel format, the key point, which is now probably the fastest and most compatible spreadsheet control. Moreover, the current version of SpreadsheetGear 2012 is also up-to-date, adding support for Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012. >>> Download Official latest version SpreadsheetGear 2012

Usage: Original from

    • Contains a large number of examples
    • Not just a spreadsheet control, but also a universal grid component
    • Excel that doesn't rely on Microsoft Office, or can create, read, modify, browse, edit, calculate, print, and save Microsoft Excel documents
    • Interactive editing is not possible in Web mode and can only be manipulated by code
    • Supports,windows FORMS,WPF and Silverlight four development models

Two models. NET Spreadsheet Component Usage tips

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