Ubuntu 16.04 under MySQL 5.7.18 cancel boot start (fix cannot use Sysvinit (update-rc.d/sysv-rc-conf) script off)

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Start by understanding the change history of the following run-level corresponding tools:

1, Ubuntu 6.10 and previous versions use Sysvinit.

2, Ubuntu 14.10 and the previous version of the use of upstart but still keep sysvinit coexist.



3, Ubuntu 15.04 started using SYSTEMD, but you can choose to use the SYSTEMD or upstart in the boot option, but not the same time using sysvinit or upstart coexist.


Here is the analysis:

from the 11.04 version, I think. MySQL is handled by upstart , while Apache still uses the traditional sysvinit script.

for MySQL, you can use The new overrides feature in upstart to modify the startup behavior:

Echo "Manual" | sudo tee/etc/init/mysql.override

For more information, see Upstart Cookbook in the " Disable Auto-start jobs " section .

In the 16.04 version, the above script cannot be used because the SYSTEMD is used to take over, so it is forbidden to use the following scripts:

sudo systemctl disable MySQL
sudo systemctl enable MySQL

So, I guess, MySQL is now all handled by SYSTEMD, but this is limited to the version installed with the APT source and the Deb file, and the version that was installed in the binary package (tar.gz package) is still controlled using the Sysvinit script.

For SYSTEMD, services are much more streamlined at run-level, without worrying about which runlevel to run on. The default has been configured for you.

For Apache Analysis:

since Apache still uses the traditional Sysvinit script that you can use it

sudo update-rc.d-f apache2 Remove

Remove a link from /etc/rcX.d or replace it with

sudo update-rc.d apache2 disable

It "disables" the script by changing the script from the start script to the stop scripts. This is reversible.

sudo update-rc.d apache2 enable

For the Sysvinit script operation, the corresponding tool is sysv-rc-conf.






Ubuntu 16.04 under MySQL 5.7.18 cancel boot start (fix cannot use Sysvinit (update-rc.d/sysv-rc-conf) script off)

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