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I don't know if it was forced by the Canonical shareholder. It is rumored that Ubuntu10.04 will change from the UI to the design details, and even the LOGO will have a big change in version 10.04. I didn't expect the school data center to have VMWareWorkstation installed, so I took advantage of the boss's inattention, and logged on to the Ubuntu official website with the chance of a leeching, using the 1.xMB/ s speed of the school to drag down the 675.06M compressed package, use VMW to start a VM quickly ~ The school machine uses Penti

I don't know if it was forced by the Canonical shareholder. It is rumored that Ubuntu 10.04, from the UI to the design details, will even have a big change in the LOGO version 10.04. I did not expect that the school data center had Installed VMWare Workstation, so while the boss did not pay attention to it, so I was able to log on to the Ubuntu official website with the treasure of the bell, the school's 1.x Mbit/s speed was used to drag the 675.06M compressed package down, and the virtual machine was quickly started using the VMW node ~ The school machine uses the Pentium C series, a mainstream product in. Although hyper-threading is supported, the execution efficiency is not as fast as that of multiple core systems, especially for applications such as spot virtual machines. As for the Vt-x technology, it is a test of my patience. Wait for 3 minutes and a half (note that the keyboard is not required during the startup process, and the menu of the startup option is not displayed. You can directly access the graphic interface) I finally saw the legendary New wallpaper (of course, Ubuntu's wallpaper is changed every time, but this color scheme has completely changed and I learned from Leopard ).

After seeing the desktop, I waited for more than a minute before coming to the guide selection interface.

Select Try Ubuntu to enter the desktop. It seems that the change is indeed great. Ubuntu is about to become its own one. It is estimated that the display effect of this color scheme on the LCD screen should be very good.

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