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Recently, Phoronix conducted 28 performance comparison tests on three popular Linux releases: Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 9, and Mandriva 2008.1 using Phoronix Test Suite 1.0 last week.

Tested hardware platforms include: Dual AMD Opteron 2356 4-core processor, ATI FireGL V8600 1 GB graphics card, Tyan Thunder n3600M motherboard, 4 GB DDR2 memory, west digital 160 gb sata 2.0 hard drive and Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000 W Power supply.

All three operating systems are set by default. Ubuntu 8.04, like Mandriva 2008.1, uses Linux 2.6.24 kernel, X Server, GCC 4.2.3, and Fedora 9 software updates, linux 2.6.25 kernel, X Server, and GCC 4.3.0 are used. Since Fedora 9 is not compatible with the latest ATI fglrx driver, all tests use common VESA drivers. In addition, due to the bug in Mandriva, some tests are only available between Ubuntu and Fedora.

In all 28 tests, Ubuntu 8.04 won 14 and Mandriva 2008.1 won 3 out of 9 tests, all of which were Java-based tests in SciMark 2.0. In addition, among the 19 tests in Ubuntu and Fedora only, Fedora has 10 leading ones. In most tests, the scores of these releases are quite similar. If performance is the main factor you choose among these Linux releases, you must select the optimal version based on your needs.
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