Ultra-strong WINDOWS10 stable Nginx green environment, unlimited custom PHP and MySQL versions, running n versions simultaneously

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Lccee, author of the recent Phpwamp integration environment, updated the phpwamp8.8.8.8n version

phpwamp8.8.8.8n Total integration of 12 PHP version and 3 MySQL version, and can be highly customizable, you can define any version, after decompression almost 1 g size, compressed package is only dozens of M, decompression can be used, pure green is convenient, integrated Apache and Nginx, support ASP , PHP, net

We know that the official Windows version of Nginx is very unstable, and will hang up from time to time, and the default installation is not like Apache after the service can boot, after all, Nginx is the most suitable or under Linux, However, recently updated this phpwamp8.8.8.8n installed after the service, the software author wrote an Nginx service, can boot up, but also to each site to assign a different process, you can also specify the site PHP version! The most critical is that the service starts the php-cgi process, even if you hand use antivirus Software task Manager also shut down! Turn off will automatically restore, and the website service is still normal!! This protection will protect the site process unless you click the Uninstall service on the software interface yourself to turn it off.

The new version is also equipped with a powerful Nginx site management support both the domain name mode and port mode, multi-version running concurrently,

The following two figure is the official domain name mode and port mode comparison chart.

Compared to the general nginx environment, is indeed convenient and fast, there is a big highlight is that the default all versions are integrated with the Zend decryption component

Unlimited customization to add MySQL and PHP versions

Powerful MySQL management interface, the default has been integrated mysql5.5, mysql5.6, mysql5.7, can be unlimited to add MySQL version, no configuration, download the MySQL version can be put in.

Powerful site management interface, you can add unlimited PHP version, no configuration, download the PHP version can be put in.

Software in the Baidu Software library seems to have not been updated, only in the official update

Ultra-strong WINDOWS10 stable Nginx green environment, unlimited custom PHP and MySQL versions, running n versions simultaneously

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