Uncover the reasons why node. JS is popular

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node. JS is a server technology that is used to build and run Web applications similar to what Asp.net,ruby on rails or the spring framework does. It uses JavaScript as the main development language, has a lightweight Web server with its own, and a large number of plugins for node package management (NPM), so you can shape your Web application to your own needs, like adding MVC features, joining a restful service, OAuth or SSL security, and so on. But what causes node. js to be so popular all of a sudden? It sounds like there's a new web development technology, isn't it? Let's summarize why:

re-use of languages

Technologies like ASP. NET or spring require developers to learn a new service-side language, such as C#,VB. NET or Java. and node. JS uses JavaScript on both the server and the client, which means that developers need only use one language at each level.

easy for developers to transform

One of the facts is that JavaScript is a familiar language for Web developers, and most people know JavaScript or how much it is used. So it's easy for a web developer to transition from other technologies to node. js.


node. JS uses the event-driven architecture, which means that everything that is done on it, each separate invocation and operation, is a series of asynchronous callbacks. This allows node. js to run on one thread, which is different from other web technologies, and each client's request will generate a new thread to handle. This is where the nature of non-blocking I/O is.

Support Object Database

It is very common to use object databases such as MongoDB in the node. JS app, which differs from the traditional SQL database by using a document-based model rather than a relational model, which is not a table, but an object like JSON. This is a good fit for ORM enthusiasts.

widely supported by the IDE and the Code Editor

JavaScript has been around for quite some time, so ides like visual Studio,eclipse support JavaScript code hinting and highlighting, as well as notepad++ and sublime This is also supported by code editors such as text.

services can be hosted anywhere

Some Web servers and cloud service providers support node. JS Web applications. Here we say a few, including Google,microsoft Iis,heroku,microsoft Azure,amazon (AWS) and so on.

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Uncover the reasons why node. JS is popular

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