Universal WiFi Fishing coming----Agnes Android WiFi fishing artifact Introduction

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Intermittent engaged in some wireless things, from the bt5 of the aircrack-ng of the broken Wireless (not how successful) actually EWSA this with GPU run is good, unfortunately I this network card can only 2500 per second, to use c118 OSMOCOMBB on the basis of gsm_ SMS sniffing (this comparison hanging, for example, the company's wages, the bank will have a text message, can catch a large), and then more than 650 bought a wifipineapple, tried to actually do so, Someone else 200 to buy a no line from change it can be used as wifipineapple, bask in my c118 and wifipineapple, and then to Dsploit mobile hack ERA ~ ~

Oneself not reconciled, own cell phone why also spend money to buy other wireless equipment, everyone has a mobile phone, everyone can open hot fishing, so Agnes this application was born.

1. What does Agnes do?

Agnes is to infiltrate the milk dad that the youngest girl (Agnes), with this name is on the one hand very like her, on the other hand because I hope this application can also very small very strong to, in Android under the Dsploit children's shoes, know Dsploit can in the wireless intranet in various intermediaries to play traffic, But the disadvantage is that you have to go into someone else's WiFi to have follow-up, of course you can ewsa run the bag. And Agnes is automatically created a free hot (honeypot), to attract those who automatically connect your phone's other mobile phone since their traffic has been from you, many apps even if you do not operate the system background to send requests, these requests and your operation issued a lot is to carry your session, Cookie?token? Ak? All here, you capture the network card traffic, and then you can do more things, and then I want to hijack the HTTP as XSS information sent to the XSS platform interface, and then with my modified XSS extension (see my essay, http://www.cnblogs.com/l137 /p/3938930.html, this extension can be changed UA) or a new webview with Dsploit simulation landing.

2. Look at the interface of the dog excrement and the function of the artifact.

On the two buttons, the first click will create a CMCC AP hotspot, the second well, the button said very clearly, is hijacked data, in fact, the backstage ran a tcpdump. Of course, the following is a list of display data, if you do not open the hotspot, you can hijack the data, anyway, is to capture your current mobile card on the WiFi traffic.

So much to see,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

So anyone who has installed the app on the phone, on the subway, on the bus, the school cafeteria railway station ~ Fishing Everywhere ~ ~ ~

PS. Please don't feel free to connect WiFi

APK address (requires BusyBox && root privileges):


Project Code Address:


Universal WiFi Fishing coming----Agnes Android WiFi fishing artifact Introduction

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