Uploading files to a cloud server using XFTP

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First, configure the FTP service on the cloud server:
    1, under Root, install vsftp (for example, the CentOS system) with the following command: Yum install -y vsftpd.
    2, before you start the VSFTPD service, you need to log in to the cloud server to modify the configuration file and disable anonymous logins.
    Open the configuration file with the following command: vim/etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf.
    "Anonymous_enable=yes" in the 11th line of the configuration file is changed to "Anonymous_enable=no" and will be disabled for anonymous logons.
    3, start VSFTPD Services: Service vsftpd start.
    4, set up FTP user account. Once the setup is successful, you can log in to the FTP server via this account.
    Set the FTP user's account number, such as "Ftpuser1", the directory is/home/ftpuser1, and the settings do not allow SSH login. [[Email protected]_250_202_tlinux ~]# useradd-m-d/home/ftpuser1-s/sbin/nologin ftpuser1.
    Set the password for the account: passwd ftpuser1. (e.g. FTP)
    5, modify the PAM configuration of VSFTPD, so that users can connect to the cloud server via their own FTP user account and password.
    content modified to read as follows:

#%pam-1.0 auth required/lib64/security/pam_listfile.so item=user sense=deny file=/etc/ftpusers onerr=succeed; auth Required/lib64/security/pam_unix.so shadow Nullok; auth required/lib64/security/pam_shells.so; account required/ lib64/security/pam_unix.so; session required/lib64/security/pam_unix.so;

Restart the VSFTPD service for changes to take effect:

Ps-ef|grep vsftpd  # view VSFTPD main process number Kill-hup VSFTPD main process number # restart VSFTPD service

Second, upload files to the Linux cloud server
1. Download and install open source software (e.g. xftp, WinSCP):
2. Connecting ftp: Running the software
The configuration information is described as follows: Create a new session
(1) Host: Public IP for Cloud server
(2) Username: The FTP user's account set in Step1, this is the example of "Ftpuser1".
(3) Password: the password corresponding to the FTP user account set in Step1, here with "Ftpuser1" as an example.
(4) Port: FTP Listening port, default is "21". 3, upload files to the Linux cloud server: When uploading files, the mouse selected local files, dragged to the remote site, the file uploaded to the Linux cloud server.

Uploading files to a cloud server using XFTP

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