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UPUPW PHP features

UPUPW PHP Environment Integration Pack Apache latest version full use discuz! X2.5 phpwind9.0 dedecms5.7 wordpress3.5.1 and other programs UTF8 version as the test object of the PHP environment to develop, perfect run the above program!

The UPUPW PHP Environment Integration Pack can run on Windows systems of any version of any architecture (Windows Server 2003/2008; Xp/vista/win7/win8; 32/64-bit);

UPUPW PHP Environment Integration package is fully compatible with IIS, the unique proxy virtual host function, and IIS can complement each other;

UPUPW PHP Environment Integration Package Green free, decompression is used, unrestrained, no need to uninstall, exit is no trace;

UPUPW PHP Environment Integration Pack supports virtual hosts to create directories on any disk, and each directory can be individually bound to multi-level domain names or generic domain names;

The UPUPW PHP Environment Integration Pack is fully synchronized with the Apache/nginx, PHP, MySQL official update, the Forefront experience, one click away.

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Main part:

Apache/2.4.17-64 is the most popular HTTP Server software, fast, reliable, open source.

php/7.0.0 Official Edition-64-bit new generation PHP version, performance significantly improved, easy to learn, easy to use, fast, cross-platform.

The mariadb/10.1.9-64-bit MySQL branch version uses exactly the same approach, this version is equivalent to MySQL5.6, with greater performance and compatibility.

phpmyadmin/4.4.15 Open Source, web-based, and compact database management programs.

SendMail is currently using one of the most widely used e-mail server message transfer agents.

The FileZilla server/0.9.41 high-security, high-performance FTP server-side program can be used as a standalone FTP server.

1512 Update:

01, PHP updated to 64-bit PHP7.0.0 official version

02, Apache Update to 64-bit Apache2.4.17

03, mariadb Update to 64-bit MariaDB10.1.9

04, phpmyadmin Update to phpMyAdmin4.4.15

05, increase the Apache HTTP2 Protocol module switch.

06, increase the PHP7 64-bit xdebug components.

07, Integration needs VC Library to the program no need to install VC library separately.

08. Optimized Apache core configuration enhances stability and compatibility.

09, the default shutdown a process daemon changed to on-demand in UPUPW panel security protection, S1 do not install Net Library can open all services.

10, repair the custom database data directory location after the actual successful start of the database but the UPUPW panel has been prompted to start the failure of the issue.

11, modify the Session.auto_start parameter is 1, automatically call Php_session_start to open the session.

12, update UPUPW PHP probe for the latest 15.12.5 security version

13. Change the default host name to prevent the process daemon address from being invalidated after the domain name is changed.

14, the Panel 10-apache function option added SS command to view the Apache Server status function.

The above content is small to introduce you to the UPUPW Update 64 Apache Series PHP 7.0 official version of the full content, I hope you like.

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