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MediaWiki easy Installation Tutorial
* * About MediaWiki
Some good information:
MediaWiki installation steps:
0) Prepare the installation environment:
To install lamp, the process is as follows:
$sudo Apt-get Install Apache2
$sudo Apt-get Install Mysql-server
$sudo Apt-get Install PHP5
$sudo Apt-get Install Php5-mysql
$sudo Apt-get Install PHP5-CLI
$sudo apt-get Install libgd2-xpm Libgd2-xpm-dev PHP5-GD
Here, lamp is (Linux,apache,mysql,php/python/perl), it is the popular Building station standard environment. After installation, restart Apache2 If there is a problem later ($sudo/etc/init.d/apache2 restart). 1) Download:
Here, after downloading from the listed address, I downloaded here: mediawiki-1.15.2.tar.gz 2) Decompression copy Change permissions:
#tar-XZVF mediawiki-1.15.2.tar.gz-c/var/www
#chomd-R A+w/var/www/mediawiki/config
After the decompression, the document README, etc. take a good look. 3) Start the installation:
3.1) In the Browser address field, type:
Here, is my IP address. Then follow the prompts to click on set up your site, roughly as follows:
* Site name: Names of your wiki sites. Note: This is related to the name space of the website itself, it is recommended to use short English (can be modified later)
* Contact e-mail: webmaster Email
* Language: Language selection. Recommended Choice ZH-CN Simplified Chinese or zh-tw Traditional Chinese; no need to choose zh-Chinese, which supports simplified auto-conversion, otherwise the localized work volume of the site prompts will be increased a lot.
* Copyright/license medadata: Copyright type. Where GNU is an open, free copyright that allows others to reproduce, modify, and not be sure what copyright to use. Select No license metadata
* Sysop account name: Webmaster's name. This is the first Admin user after the wiki has been established and cannot be renamed later. May consider using the English name
* Password: Webmaster's password
* Shared Memory Caching: Website buffering mechanism (no caching selected)
* Memcached servers: (not required)
* MySQL server: Fill in the name of the MySQL server provided by the space service provider, usually localhost
* Database name: The names of databases, according to the agreement with the Space service provider to fill
* DB Username: Database user name, fill in according to Vendor agreement
* DB Password: database password, according to the service provider agreed to fill in (Can not be empty, local debugging to note)
* Database table prefix: Datasheet prefix. It is recommended to set a prefix so that the MySQL database can be shared with other software on this site, or even multiple wikis (in different directories).
* DB root password: database root password. (Can be ignored)
Note that there is a need to have a MySQL user in advance.
Here's how to create a user using MySQL:
(1) Log in with the root user:
Here, assume that the root user's password is 123. This will have a "mysql>" hint symbol that prompts you to interact with MySQL.
(2) Run the following command on MySQL to create a super User:
Mysql>grant all privileges on * * to ' test ' @ ' localhost '
-Identified by ' Password ' with GRANT option;
Here, a user "test" is created with a password of "password". Note that there are no spaces around the first line of the "@" character, and then the carriage return will have a second line of "-a" hint symbol.
Here's how to create the method reference is
Exit directly by pressing [Ctrl]d, or Mysql>exit. 4) Aftercare Treatment:
4.1) After the browser installation process, a localsettings.php local configuration file is automatically generated in the Config directory and copied to the parent directory:
$sudo CP config/localsettings.php./
4.2) Remove the Write permission from the Config directory:
$sudo chmod-r a-w Config
Here, the more secure way is to delete the Config directory directly. This is the need for Web site security. The installation process ends here. Then execute again "is the right Wiki homepage. The MediaWiki is customized as needed thereafter.
The online approach also requires the configuration of PHP and MySQL, which is not configured here. It takes time to do it again.
* Configure PHP, MySQL
$sudo Gedit/etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
Upload_max_filesize = 8M
Memory_limit = 12M

$sudo gedit/etc/mysql/my.cnf
Max_allowed_packet = 128M

Because do stationmaster encyclopedia ( of reason, contact and use MediaWiki have two years time, start from 0, through study, gradually mastered the use of MediaWiki editor and so on all aspects of content. Two years later, suddenly found that the encyclopedia of the site in the domestic become a popular site category, Baidu Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, there are a lot of various encyclopedia sites or many of the website's Encyclopedia channel. Because of the heat, a lot of domestic webmasters have started to do encyclopedia-type Web site, but I found that most of the new Wikipedia-type web site has chosen Hdwiki, and the choice of classic Wiki program MediaWiki is not much. In comparison, MediaWiki has too many advantages, but because a lot of personal webmaster technology limitations, can only choose the domestic easier to use Hdwiki, and do not use MediaWiki, this choice for a Wikipedia website long-term development is very unfavorable. In order to solve the problem of using MediaWiki by many personal stationmaster, I am ready to work with my team to write some tutorials to teach you how to use this excellent program. This is the first article, the first two years I accumulated some of the MediaWiki learning materials, reference website to tell you, so that we can find information and learning more easily.

I. Official and software downloads

MediaWiki official: MediaWiki main place, but most of the information is in English, if the English is not good please refer to the following the Chinese reference website

MediaWiki download: (official) (domestic download point)

Two. Discussion & Communication

MediaWiki Chinese community: is poor, but there are some references to the article

Webmaster Encyclopedia MediaWiki version: Http:// have our official editor for everyone to answer MediaWiki questions

QQ Exchange Group: 73390312

An Exchange forum abroad

three. Chinese course This is the focus of our study, especially the poor English notice

1. This site has a more comprehensive tutorial, is the domestic relatively early use of MediaWiki building site, but some things have not been updated for a long time:


2. We have compiled a user manual for everyone, the content is still in perfect:


3. List of resources organized by the Exchange area:


Four. Demonstration website

Here are a few of the more famous MediaWiki sites, the main purpose of which is to learn how to edit wikis and learn how to make a wiki site. Careful study of other websites is very helpful to improve the level of your website.

1. The first is the ancestor Wikipedia, English good can be directly on the English Wikipedia, at the same time some questions also refer to the Wikipedia, after all, Chinese editors and English editors still have a lot of differences have a lot of editing skills from him to learn from

2. Webmaster Encyclopedia website, for the professional wiki site editing and architecture of great reference value, but also we groped for more than a year the final basic stereotypes model, of course, is still developing, welcome everyone to comment.

3.allwiki a wiki site in the early years, but the overall layout is quite chaotic

4. A site with a more creative architecture

Through these resources to learn the basic can master with MediaWiki to do a encyclopedia of all aspects of knowledge, including the installation of MediaWiki software, configuration, grammar, encyclopedia website Architecture, Planning, editing and so on. I have a problem, everybody talk to me.

Use MediaWiki to do the encyclopedia website resources Big Reference

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