Use of the Mysql-utilities management toolset

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use of the Mysql-utilities Management toolset:

For more detailed parameters, refer to the official documentation:

Go directly to the MySQL website to download the RPM package installation. If the installation process prompts Mysql-connector-python version is too low, then go to the MySQL website to download the latest packaging can be.

The Community edition does not have the function which uses or does not use frequently, the note here does not list.

mysqldbcopy cloning the entire library

Example: mysqldbcopy--source=root: ' 123456 ' @localhost: 3306:/tmp/mysql.sock--destination=root: ' 123456 ' @localhost: 3306:/ Tmp/mysql.sock Db:db_clone

mysqldiskusage Statistics Space, the volume occupied by various log files

Example:mysqldiskusage--server=root: ' 123456 ' @localhost: 3306:/tmp/mysql.sock--all-v

mysqlfrm Extracts a table structure (excluding foreign key constraints, self-growing sequence numbers) from the frm at fault

Example: mysqlfrm--basedir=/usr/local/mysql/data/hellodb/classes.frm--port=3310--user=root # Note This port is random.

Mysqlindexcheck Find the redundant index under a library

Example:mysqlindexcheck--server=root: ' 123456 ' @localhost: 3306:/tmp/mysql.sock grafana-f vertical-r-D--stats

mysqlprocgrep Identify user connections that meet certain criteria



Use the ' REGEXP ' operator to match pattern. Default is to

Use the ' like '.


Print the statement instead of sending it to the

Server. If a Kill option is submitted, a procedure

Would be generated containing the code for executing

The Kill.

--sql-body only print the body of the procedure.

--kill-connection kill all matching connections.

--kill-query kill query for all matching processes.

--print print all matching processes.

-F FORMAT,--format=format

Display the output in either grid (default), tab, CSV,

or vertical format

-V,--verbose control how much information is displayed. e.g.,-V =

Verbose,-VV = more verbose,-VVV = Debug

--match-id=pattern match the ' id ' column of the Processlist table.

--match-user=pattern match the ' user ' column of the Processlist table.

--match-host=pattern match the ' host ' column of the Processlist table.

--match-db=pattern match the ' DB ' column of the Processlist table.


Match the ' COMMAND ' column of the Processlist table.

--match-info=pattern match the ' info ' column of the Processlist table.


Match the ' State ' column of the Processlist table.

--age=age Show only processes that has been in the current

State more than a given time.

Example:# Kill a sleep state and be in a user connection with sleep for more than 90 seconds:

Mysqlprocgrep--server=root: ' 123456 ' @localhost: 3306:/tmp/mysql.sock-f vertical--match-command= ' Sleep '--age=90s-- Kill-connection


For this tool, you can refer to the of the blue spring God.

mysqlserverinfo Lists the details of the database (-D displays each default value,--format=vertical column display)

Example:mysqlserverinfo--server=root: ' 123456 ' @localhost: 3306:/tmp/mysql.sock-d--format=vertical

mysqlbinlogpurge Cleanup of expired binlog files

Example:mysqlbinlogpurge--server=root: ' 123456 ' @localhost: 3306:/tmp/mysql.sock

Use of the Mysql-utilities management toolset

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