Use the web hosting site (jsp + mysql + tomcat) and mysqltomcat

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Use the web hosting site (jsp + mysql + tomcat) and mysqltomcat

1. Sign up for the orange Internet account:

2. Select an orange cloud Host:

3. Select the desired host type.

3. You can communicate with customer service at any time. Log on to the management center after the purchase is complete.

4. Click host management on the left -- orange cloud host

You can see the orange cloud host you just purchased,

5. Click Activate next to the host. Then you will be asked to enter the host password. The default user name is Administrator. Enter the password and wait for a while.

6. Contact customer service to find the logon ip address of the remote host: port number.

7. Search for Remote Desktop in the Start menu and select "Remote Desktop Connection ". Enter the customer service ip: port number. (Xp:

Then you will be prompted to enter the user name (Administrator) and password (your own password .)

8. Confirm and enter the desktop.

9. Next, install ftp software on the server. Generally, ftp software is provided on the server in advance. (Note that the premise of using flashfxp is that ftp software is installed on the server .)

HA_FileZilla_Server_v0933 is used as the ftp software on the server. Others can also be used. This software use tutorial:


There are also simple practices. Install a QQ program on the server, and use qq to transfer files at both ends.

10. After setting according to the instructions. Next, set the client. Download flashfxp. :. There is no limit here. You can also use other fxp software.

11. After the download and installation are complete, click quick connection.

Note the parameter selection here. The IP address is the IP address of the server. You can use the default port number. The user name is the user name set for the software above. The password is also the password set by the ftp software. (Note that this is irrelevant to the user name and password of the server .) You do not need to worry about the remote path. Proxy server is not required. Click Connect to connect to the ftp shared file civilian.

12. You can install the relevant software. You can try it slowly.

How can I build a link to build a website using java + mysql + tomcat60?

The connection is simple. You have installed java, set environment variables, and associate tomcat with myeclipse,
After installing tomcat, you also need to set the environment variable, then open the browser, enter localhost: 8080 or something, and the tomcat homepage will appear. At this time, it is basically successful, and then it is developed. This is too cumbersome, I used it before, but I almost forgot to modify other people's existing code.

I want to create a JSP website that uses MySQL to add Apache and tomcat. I don't know where I can apply for the JSP domain name and space. Is it free?

Free space is not easy to use, and your jsp website requires a relatively large page space, and the jsp space itself is very small, therefore, the price is generally a little more expensive than normal space.
Like 5944 free space, it is omnipotent, but there is no database (you can purchase extra space, but I guess the price is very high), so even if you put it on the website, it will not work normally. In addition, a few days later, the website will be closed for you inexplicably. They will always visit their own default homepage, and they will not be able to see their own website at all. In this way, they will all advertise for them. The paid jspspace comes with databases. You can upload data on the space management panel and configure the database connection. So I suggest you purchase a jsp space.
Reference: is your best choice!

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