Using jQuery + PHP + Mysql to take online photos and browse photos online _ javascript skills

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In this article, phpjquery and mysql are combined to enable online photo upload and browsing for the web version. We will share with you how to take photos online and browse photos online based on jQuery + PHP + Mysql, for more information about how to use jQuery in combination with PHP and Mysql, see the examples in this article. ajax Interaction Technology starts from the beginning and end of this article, therefore, the readers in this article must be familiar with jQuery and its plug-ins and javscript knowledge, and have knowledge about PHP and Mysql.

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First, we need to create a main page index.html to display the latest uploaded photos. We use jQuery to obtain the latest photos. Therefore, this is an HTML page without the PHP tag, of course, we also need to create an HTML structure that includes the HTML structure required for photo taking and upload interaction.


Cancel upload

We added the above html code to the body, where # photos is used to load and display the latest uploaded photos; # camera is used to load the camera module, including calling the camera flash component webcam, and buttons such as photo taking and upload.

In addition, we need to load necessary js files in index.html, including the jQuery library, fancybox plug-in, flash camera component: webcam. js, and the script. js required to combine various operations in this example.

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