Using notepad++ to configure the Go Language development environment under Windows

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I wrote in the previous article ( windowsgo.html) describes how to install the Go language under Windows, and today I'll show you how to configure the Go language development environment with notepad++.

First, the preparatory work:
1, install the Go language;
2, add the Go/bin directory to the environment variable;
3, installation notepad++;

Second, configuration notepad++ support Go language syntax highlighting
1, download notepad++ 's Go Language support package (;
2, the file Userdefinelang_go.xml content copy to application data under the notepad++ directory userdefinelang.xml;
Xp:c:\documents and Settings\[username]\application data\notepad++
3. Copy the Go.xml file to the Plugins\apis directory under the notepad++ installation directory (for example: D:\Program Files\notepad++\plugins\apis);
4, restart notepad++;

Third, set the Go language compilation run shortcut keys
Here is a demonstration of the following code:
File name: Test1.go

Package Main

Import "FMT"

Func Main () {
Fmt. Println ("Test")

Compilation: 8g-o test1.8 Test1.go
Link: 8l-o test1.exe test1.8
Run: Test1.exe
Compile link run: 8g-o test1.8 test1.go & 8l-o test1.exe test1.8 & Test1.exe

Specific implementation:
1, open the Test1.go file with notepad++;
2. Press F5 to enter the following in the popup dialog box:
cmd/k 8g.exe-o tmp.8 "$ (Full_current_path)" & 8l.exe-o tmp.exe tmp.8 & del tmp.8 & Tmp.exe & PAUSE & ; Del Tmp.exe & EXIT
Save as "Run Go" and set Ctrl+f6 as the shortcut key;
3, according to CTRL+F6 running procedures;

All right, that's it, I hope it helps you.

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