Using palm in linux for cat dial-up Internet access

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In linux, use palm for cat dial-up Internet access-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Not long ago, I used the linux operating system. After some time of exploration and learning, I made little progress. However, there are still many problems that are still unclear, and many problems have not been solved.
I have been solving a problem for the past few days. I used palm650 as a cat and used data lines to connect to the internet in linux (I found my friend's article using Bluetooth. After several days of continuous testing, searching, and reading the palm650 over n times (I am not good at English) as the modem instruction book (in English), this problem was finally solved, I would like to share my post here, hoping to make it easier for users who try palm phones and linux.
My operating system: mandriva2009 spring
Mobile phone model: palm-650
USB modem software version: 1.55
1. First, make sure that you have installed the usb modem software on your mobile phone. If you have not installed the software, you can find it in the mobile Forum. The mobile phone version is in Chinese.
2. Download the decompressed folder and copy the file ppp-script-edge-template to the/etc/ppp/peers/folder in linux, change the name to ppp-script-treo (it seems that you can do it without changing it. The name is a short one. This is a mobile user, and the file copied by the UNICOM user is ppp-script-evdo-template ).
3. Edit this file and change the dialing part "ATD * 99 # CONNECT" to the desired number. Mine is mobile GPRS, so we changed "ATD * 99 *** 1 # CONNECT" and saved it after modification.
4. Test: use the data cable to connect the mobile phone to the computer system as the modem and enter the command pppd/dev/ttyACM0 call ppp-script-treo. If the connection is successful, A prompt is displayed on the screen for successful connection data and DNS and the local IP address, and GPRS on the mobile phone is displayed as a connection. At this point, the modem mobile phone driver on linux has been completed. The above steps are the same in each version of linux. The following steps may be slightly different. Please set them according to your system.
5. I am using the mandriva2009 spring system. Open the system management panel, select "network and internet", and click "New DSL and IDSL" connection, select the "GPRS/EDGE/3G/" option in the displayed menu. the dialog box for configuring and scanning the network will appear. wait patiently for a long time to scan the network, enter a pin. After the network is scanned, the system will prompt that the network is not found. Select "manually edit" Next, and enter "cmwap" or "cmnet" in the Access Point (based on different mobile China Unicom and individuals ), the user name and password are empty. Next, you will be prompted whether the user can manage the connection, select Yes, And next will be prompted whether the internet is connected now, select Yes, and then wait, then you have connected to the network.
6. Proxy Settings: Enter http: // 80 in the "network and internet" Panel of Step 5.
OK, save, and a message is displayed indicating that the cancellation is required to take effect. OK.
Now you can browse the webpage by opening the webpage.
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