Using Spring-redis to implement publish/subscribe to messages

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The Redis server can implement a simple message "Publish/subscribe" service, the following is a description of the Spring-redis implementation

Spring-redis use Redismessagelistenercontainer for message monitoring, client programs need to implement their own messagelistener, and registered with the specified topic to Redismessagelistenercontainer,

In this way, if there is a message on the specified topic, Redismessagelistenercontainer will notify the MessageListener.

The following is the configuration of Spring-redis in the spring configuration file:

<bean id= "Jedispoolconfig" class= "Redis.clients.jedis.JedisPoolConfig" > <property name= "Maxtotal" "></property> <property name=" Maxidle "value=" ></property> <property name= "

        Minidle "value=" ></property> <property name= "Maxwaitmillis" value= "to" ></property> <property name= "Testonborrow" value= "true" ></property> <property name= "Testonreturn" value= E "></property> </bean> <bean id=" jedisconnectionfactory "class=" Connection.jedis.JedisConnectionFactory "> <property name=" hostName "value=" "/> <prope
        Rty name= "Port" value= "6379"/> <property name= "poolconfig" ref= "Jedispoolconfig" ></property> <property name= "Timeout" value= "5000" ></property> <property name= "Usepool" value= "true" ></p Roperty> </bean> <!--redis Template--> <bean id= "Redistemplate" class= Mplate "> <property name=" connectionfactory "ref=" jedisconnectionfactory "/> </bean> <bea n id= "Redismsglistener" class= "My.test.listener.RedisMessageListener" > <property name= "redistemplate" ref= "R" Edistemplate "/> </bean>

In the example above, the last two bean configurations are the key to implementing the Publish/Subscribe service. Redismessagelistener is written by himself to achieve the business class,

and to "topic123" This topic register to Redismessagelistenercontainer. Redismessagelistenercontainer is responsible for notifying MessageListener when the message arrives. Here is the code for Redismessagelistener:

Class Redismessagelistener implements MessageListener {

    redistemplate redistemplate;   Redisserializer serializer

    void onMessage (Message message, byte[] pattern) {
        serializer = Redistemplate.getvalueserializer ()
        String messagestr = serializer.deserialize (message.body)
        println (" Message Received: "+ Messagestr)

In this way, when the application starts, the Subscriber (Subscriber) of the message is registered. When you use a simple program that simulates publisher and publishes a message to the specified topic, Redismessagelistener can receive the message,

Spring-redis's writing is this:

Redistemplate.convertandsend ("topic123", "Hello there!")

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