Using Swift to operate the NSDate type base

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The time type is a data type that we use very frequently when we are dealing with the business. Let's take a look at the basic use of time nsdate.

1. Compare size

I'm better at. NET, and we know that a datetime type in C # can be directly judged using ">" "<" = ". But nsdate in Swift does not support the way this comparison is. We need to use the method to compare. returns an enumeration of Nscomparisonresult. This enumeration consists of 3 values:

Nscomparisonresult. orderedascending//Time Ascending

Nscomparisonresult. orderedsame//same

Nscomparisonresult. ordereddescending//time Reverse

where NSDate () returns the current time by default. So the time value of Date2 is certainly bigger than date1. If you want to implement C # using ">" < "=" to compare time, you can use the above method to overload the operator.

2. Calculate the time difference

We know that in C # you can subtract the datetime type directly, and the result is a time difference. So how is it done in Swift? We use

Nscalendar. Currentcalendar(). Components come in between 2 time intervals. The method returns an object of type nsdatecomponents. The Nsdatecomponents object represents a period of time and is described in a way that is easier for us to read:

3. Construction time

sometimes we need to construct a time for ourselves. is actually the above Datepare method. We can specify the year date to construct a nsdatecomponents and then use Nscalendar. Datefromcomponents method to construct a time.

The above is almost the most basic usage of nsdate in Swift.

Using Swift to operate the NSDate type base

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