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VAIO upgrade WIN10 will there be a bug? WIN10 free upgrade policy does impress most users, and everyone chooses to upgrade in the first time. But Sony recently issued a warning to VAIO computer users because of the drive problem, telling them not to upgrade win10 for the time being.

Now the VAIO user's heart should be broken: why don't you take us? Sony said the delay was due to a device-driven problem. The affected equipment is temporarily delineated as a VAIO product pre-installed with Windows 8/8.1. There are no specific arrangements for VAIO computer upgrades with Windows 7 preinstalled.

Vaio users should not worry too much, as Sony will launch detailed upgrade instructions, related drivers, and applications in October, and the associated upgrade plan will be in November.

1, for pre-installed Win7/linux operating system Vaio PC Sony will not provide any WIN10 upgrade information.

2, for pre-installed Windows7 SP1 operating system Vaio PC Sony will only provide the basic information to upgrade to the WIN10 operating system and will not provide the steps to upgrade the installation instructions, BIOS, drivers, and related upgrades to the application.

3, we strongly recommend that users please do not upgrade the WIN10 operating system until we provide upgrade installation steps and then upgrade.

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