(VIDEO) "Quick Create Site" 3.4 website revision 3 minutes to fix-wordpress theme Installation and backup

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This article is the 8th of the fast-track creation series, and if you have not read the previous content, it is recommended that you click on the chapters in the following directory to read the other content before returning to this article. To access this catalogue, please click on: http://anb.io/blog/tag/wordpress-on-azure/

1. Website management platform WordPress and cloud computing Platform Azure Introduction (6-minute video)
2.1 Creating websites and Web site operations on Azure (13-minute video)
2.2 Domain binding operations and Azure load Balancing mechanism (12-minute video)
2.3 WordPress initialization and website management features (11-minute video)
3.1 WordPress Data import (12-minute video)
3.2 WordPress Multi-site support and Azure online Code Editor (14-minute video)
3.3 WordPress Multi-language support multisite Language switcher (15-minute video)
3.4 WordPress Theme Installation and configuration to beautify your website (15-minute video)
4.1 Visual Studio Online (VSO) development platform (11 minutes)
4.2 Build a DevOps environment with Visual Studio Online and Azure (13 minutes)

In the previous section (3.3) We completed the multi-language configuration of WordPress, allowing us to provide different versions of the same article in various languages. In this section (3.4), we will beautify the site, so that our site is not only on the function of the tall, it seems to be tall on.

Please read this article in conjunction with the video

WordPress appearance (theme) plugin installation

Appearance (theme) is used on WordPress page layout to beautify and adjust the way, this feature through the plug-in way, provided by the world's developers, can be easily loaded into your own site, quickly complete the site's revision.

WordPress website Theme Library: https://wordpress.org/themes/

Moreover, not only the WordPress website provides a variety of theme plug-ins, there are many third-party websites also provide free or commercial WordPress theme, here are a list of some for your reference

–themeforest.net: There are currently more than 18,000 types of templates and themes to choose from
–new WordPress themes:https://newwpthemes.com/
– Other third-party WordPress theme production companies: Http://thereisathemeforthat.com/the-list-of-wordpress-theme-designers-developers-and-companies/

Having so many theme resources means that you can choose how to display your pages more freely, depending on your preferences and type of user. We all know that in the site production process has a lot of energy to spend on the appearance of the production and design, using WordPress You can greatly solve this cost, but also have greater freedom.

Responsive layout Responsive Design

When it comes to the design of a Web page, you have to mention the responsive layout (responsive design), which has the advantage of being able to adapt to different screen sizes and device types. The popularity of handheld devices over the years has made it possible for users to access your site in most of the time using devices such as mobile phone/pad, and the best way to display our website on different devices is to solve the problem of responsive layout.

It's interesting to know this explanation:

Long, long time ago, everyone had only one piece of clothing (Website), whether you have money or not, everyone wears this one every day.

Later someone invented the dance (mobile Internet), everyone is scrambling to participate, so a "development" of the Tailor to fool people say into the prom is best to make a special dress (mobile Site), we think about it, work and go out to ha skin are wearing the same clothes more boring ah, the ball will have a prom appearance. So as long as a little money people have made a dress, he and the original is called Website clothes is completely different, face is not the same, lining is not the same.

Later the variety of the ball more and more, many people were forced to do a lot of a lot of dresses, so there is a "front" of the tailor stood out to say that you have to do so many new clothes each year, more expensive Ah, and a door key AH wallet AH business cards are in different clothes in exchange for more trouble. You see, we invented a new craft called "responsive design", as long as you original that dress slightly so a change, after going to which prom can only wear this one clothes, clothes lining always similar, but face can adapt to different parties according to the requirements.

So everyone started changing into this responsive outfit ...

The following is a statistical analysis of the capabilities of application insight through Azure


Operating system

Screen resolution

From the above data can be seen, mobile devices occupy a considerable proportion. Of course, because the blogger's site is mainly for developers, and the content and work-related, so the PC side occupies a considerable proportion. If your target user is a normal user, then the ratio of the mobile end is set to be higher.

In addition, we can see a variety of different resolutions of the device to the site has access, how to ensure that your site can have the best performance at different resolutions to test your web designer and front-end developers an important criterion. For Web sites that use WordPress, you just have to make sure that the theme of the responsive layout is OK.

Pc/pad End Full Screen effect

Mobile phone vertical screen effect

Want to know more about the responsive layout of the students can refer to the following??

Ways to add plugins (WordPress multisite mode)

The WordPress theme of multisite mode needs to be done through the management console of network Admin. Find the topic in the menu in the Network admin Console | Add a Theme menu and click Enter

On the Add Theme page, click feature filtering to make sure that you select the responsive layout option, and then you can find all the page themes that meet the responsive layout.

The topic is installed in a very simple manner, like the previous plug-in installation, which needs to be enabled throughout the network after installation to ensure that all subwebs in the multisite mode can use the newly installed theme.

Blogger's site is currently using a theme called tempera, you can use your favorite theme according to your preferences.

WordPress appearance Gadget Use

The function of the appearance gadget is to use the page elements to provide the features that the site backstage provides to the front-end users. For example, with gadgets, we can speak the multi-lingual toggle tool displayed on the right side of the article for users to switch languages.

WordPress Backup

Before I introduced the Azure Web site mechanism, I mentioned that Azure would make 3 copies of each site that was placed on azure, so why do we still need to back up? First of all, the backup is safekeeping, even if Azure provides such a guarantee, even if things can not be found back you may sue Microsoft, but the data lost is lost, there is no way. Therefore, we always need to do a good job of data backup. And the backup here must be an offline backup (Offsite).

The so-called off-line backup is a backup made outside of the production system, and this backup is best placed in a different geographical location from the production system, ensuring that data can be installed even when there is a volcano bump, earthquake, flood and other force majeure. Bloggers such as the site seems to be no need to ha, but the good habit is to keep.

In "a blog", I am using wordpress Backup Scheduler This plugin to complete the backups, and configure the automatic FTP upload to another cloud virtual machine.

Part Three concluding remarks

Here, the third part of the Quick Create site series is over. Everyone now see this blog site is to follow the above steps to create, the whole process I did not use any professional development tools, all the operations are done through the browser. Moreover, our website is easy to use, feature rich and performance, and very scalable. I hope these things can help you.

In part fourth, I'll take a closer introduction to Visual Studio online, which I've described earlier. If your developers, and just use php/mysql to develop, then this video should be able to help you. I'll use the online development platform provided by Visual Studio online, the integration capabilities provided by the online IDE and Azure to build an environment for devops integration. DevOps is a very hot topic in the software development industry in recent years, I do not want to introduce the concept too much, and I hope that through this simple site example of the basic concept of DevOps to have a certain understanding. Of course, DevOps is an important part of my old ALM, and I'll have more detailed and professional articles to cover more details later on.

(VIDEO) "Quick Create Site" 3.4 website revision 3 minutes to fix-wordpress theme Installation and backup

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