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In fact, the solution is very simple-
Here's how to find out:

Itworks123: I've tried to download the blockchain on several computers, but not one to start the download. I tried Windows and Mac separately. I tried to wait a few hours but it didn't work. I don't have any questions about the other coins. All the other coins are running well.
Thireus: What kind of wallet do you use, which version?

Itworks123: I've tried the latest version of Qt and peerunity. I also tried several network operators, including mobile connections, but none of them had any results. It's really a bother.
Thireus: Are you sure there is no firewall blocking the outward link?

Itworks123: I use the default settings. Whether PPC has special settings and other currencies such as BTC are not required.
THIREUS:PPC uses port 9901 for external communication, while BTC uses port 8333. Make sure port 9901 can be connected externally.

Itworks123: Only outward or inward is required.
Thireus: If you want to be a full node, you need port 9901 to be able to connect outward as well as inward. Otherwise, port 9,901 is only outward linked and can have up to 8 connections.

itworks123: I just checked, my firewall is only blocking inward connections and not blocking outward links. But still no, did not start the download. Please help.
. Download the latest version of Peerunity:
Delete the Ppcoin folder (make sure you wallet.dat your wallet):
. Start peerunity and wait a few minutes
If that still doesn't work, it could be that peerunity can't connect to the IRC network to find each other. Look here:
So, please check that you can connect to for example:
. Ping (must be reachable)
. Ping (must be reachable)
Download Netcat: Execute the following command from the command line window Run-->cmd:
. Nc-zv 6667 (I personally touch "connection denied")
. Nc-zv 6667 (Should return "[]6667 (?) Open ")
If none of the above two is available, then your network provider will prevent you from accessing IRC and you will not be able to find nodes. If none of the above is possible, I can also give you an active node table so that you can start (that's just a file that contains the active party and thus peerunity able to initialize the connection with them).
Let me know what works and what doesn't.

Thireus: If you can connect, then your side is no problem. All you see is a warning, nothing important. Try this:

Itworks123: It seems to be only aware of 3 addresses and none of the 3. Is there a way to change that?
It's interesting here. Have you already deleted the Ppcoin folder as I suggested earlier? If you've already done that, open your purse for a few hours. Make sure you turn off Windows Firewall and I'm pretty sure that's the root of the problem. And:
|3 addresses found from DNS seeds
This reminds me that IRC connections are not working at all. Related to firewalls.
Use the following command-line options:-addnode= Open PPCOIN-QT
Keep your wallet running for a few hours and I'm pretty sure you'll find at least one client later.

itworks123: How do I pass parameters to use your Windows server.
But to change the-rescan to-addnode=, in addition, the BITCOIN-QT replaced PPCOIN-QT. Also, remember to check the logs to see if there are records about

itworks123: Thank you, all right. It seems that this is the only way. Not very friendly coin:-) I really like the concept of PPC, but problems like this are really bad. Is there any plan to solve this problem? There seems to be a good reason why the other coins are no longer dependent on IRC.
Thireus: This is really a strange bug. I'm glad you finally connected. Do you see any other nodes? If you start peerunity now, what's the situation?

Itworks123: Yes, it runs very well now, there are 8 connections. I'm only running QT now. I think everyone can use a public agent to repeat this bug. 99% of the time these IPs will be banned by IRC.
Thireus: OK, we have to file this bug. PeerCoin is still young and has a lot of work to do in development. Under normal circumstances, you will not have any more problems. Even with peerunity.

itworks123: After the download is complete, I will reboot without parameters to see if it works and let you know.

Itworks123: I'm sure-it works.
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