Visual Studio 2015 Express (3) new features

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Visual Studio 2015 Express (1)--c#6.0 How to use the new features

Visual Studio 2015 Express (2)-Improve efficiency and quality (VS2015 core competencies)

As early as the May Build conference, Microsoft was very high-profile 5, as one of the most important Microsoft development tools in a number of technology stacks, the release of this VS2015 did not follow the release of the official version, but also a kind of a pity. Even if you don't have an ASP. NET 5,vs2015 won't disappoint you, after all, there are still a lot of minor upgrades and enhancements.

First of all, the net 4.6, Microsoft finally implemented asynchronous programming to the end, and finally on the model binding can also support the asynchronous return, although the process is generally not time-consuming operation and must be asynchronous better use of resources, but not to exclude individual cases or be prepared. Generally speaking, the traditional Web form basically does not have much change, from the new template created by the project, only the default add Roslyn build platform support, add support for HTTP/2, and other Framework class library upgrade, so that the new version of C # and VB can be used to the features, You can even handle the compilation process yourself.

Simply try the editor, press F5 The new project ran up, instantly feel a few different places, the new diagnostic tools gives a lot of useful information, based on the timeline of the arrangement so that the data is easy to read and understand, events, Memory and CPU use separate detailed records and different signs to show, very novel; for example, if any exception is thrown inside the program, the event will automatically place a red diamond marker, which is very eye-catching in the timeline. And memory, the biggest headache for programmers is memory leaks, and diagnostic tools provides the ability to create memory snapshots at any time, as well as a detailed view of the heap of the snapshot, which is used to analyze the most memory-occupying objects and thus make modifications to them.

Although it looks good, but also need to spit a bit of this memory killer, an instant 2G out, and in the IIS program stabilized to see diagnostic tools show this very simple webapp directly consumed 90+mb memory, or feel a little worried.

Another notable update is the enhancement of the JSON format, which is reflected in both editor performance and trendy features such as JSON schema. Remember that the mistakes you make when editing a JSON file are duplicate properties, and with the powerful smart hints and duplicate property verification features, you'll never have to worry about accidentally making a mistake.

Since Microsoft came out and angular cooperation, vs to angular support is also getting better, very humane is VS2015 to angular tag added a small picture, so that the front-end encoding of the time at a glance; After ng-in VS2013, the long delay problem is finally in VS2015, and the contextual information can be inferred more accurately.

Since the React.js fire last year, Microsoft is not behind, in the VS2015 to the JSX format to support, including smart hints, formatting and verification of one does not fall.

I'll talk to you later. ASP. NET 5, this time the RTM belt is Beta 5, this is released in early July, basically is tinkering, not too many major new features, the more practical point is that when the current system does not have a dnx, vs will automatically prompt to download the corresponding version, There is also the ability to add a reference to retrieve the missing assembly. In addition, the product roadmap for ASP. NET 5 has been released, followed by five or six major milestones.


Release Date



2015 Jul

localization, Component Services,. NET 4.6 Support



Cross-platform operation and development


SEP 2015

Freeze all functions


Nov 2105



Q1* 2016

Official release

Next, let's take a look at the advanced features in Visual Studio 2015 and keep your eye on it ~

Visual Studio 2015 Express (3) new features

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