Want to be a programmer? 28 Online Learning Websites let you become a secret!

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Whether it's about changing jobs to a full-time programmer, attempting to build a website, or having to master more skills, more and more people are learning how to program. Although programming is not necessarily suitable for everyone, it is advantageous to have a deeper understanding of relevant knowledge.

Before officially introducing these learning websites to you, I 'd like to share some advice from Marissa Louie. Marissa Louie is a self-study tutorial designer for Ness Computing. She said that the most difficult part of self-learning, whether it's design, programming or other disciplines, is accumulating courage to overcome your own fears.

Marissa also said that once you have mastered the basic knowledge and skills, you should create opportunities for yourself to accumulate practical experience while constantly trying and making mistakes. Keep this in mind when you learn online. So, let's talk about these online learning resources. (The ranking is in no particular order. If you have any suggestions, please leave a message .)

MIT Open Courseware

MIT's Open Courseware provides 2100 courses on different topics, including electronic engineering and computer science. Free resources include online textbooks, exams, multimedia content, assignment tasks and projects, and examples. These are the courses actually taught by MIT over the past few decades.


Coursera provides over 108 courses for 600 well-known universities. With Coursera, you can complete a complete set of university courses taught by real university professors online without spending a penny.


Udacity provides 24 free courses for you to learn by solving challenging problems under the guidance of world-renowned university lecturers. These courses not only teach you how to code, but also consolidate your mathematical and physical knowledge, and even teach you how to start a company.


Codecademy received special attention in early 2012 because New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a statement on tweeter saying that he will learn how to program through this website in 2012. I'm curious about how he learned it now. In short, Codecademy is a very popular free website. You can make friends at home and abroad while learning, to add some fun to learning. CodeYear is also under Codecademy.

Khan Academy

Another "school" is Khan Emy. If you want to become a Renaissance female or a Renaissance male, Khan Academy provides many programming courses, of course, if you only want to learn programming, it does.

Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla integrates network resources to create a free learning center for Webpage Design and website creation.

General Assembly

General Assembly provides paid real-time courses. Buying an e-ticket on Eventbrite will get a password through which students can interact with lecturers online at the beginning of the course.

Stack Overflow

Although Stack Overflow does not provide tutorials in a strict sense, it provides a large amount of valuable information that facilitates searching. When you encounter problems and cannot find a solution, you can turn to the Stack Overflow community to answer your questions.


Udemy offers a wide range of courses, some of which are free of charge and some of which require payment. You can attend lectures or give lectures.

The Code Player

The playback of Code recorded by Code Player makes you feel the pleasure of coding during your learning process, just as if you are standing by and watching other programs write Code.


GBTags geek tag is The ideal place for Chinese people to learn front-end technologies. It also provides The Code Player Code playback, real-time General Assembly courses, and Stack Overflow community questioning functions, there are also rich resources such as blog posts, tutorials, and special effect libraries. At the same time, like Udemy, you can register as a lecturer to teach online.

O 'Reilly

O'reilly not only publishes a large number of books, but also offers online paid courses for multiple programming languages.


With more than 4 million students, you can become a member of Lynda after paying an annual or monthly fee. You can learn online, including 3D animation, CAD, video, and audio, use of various courses and related software, such as web design.


LearnStreet is known to teach you how to program in the simplest way. In addition to the course, LearnStreet has designed more than 100 practice projects to test the knowledge and skills that students should possess to complete the project.

Ruby Koans

If you want to learn Ruby (not Ruby-on-Rails), Ruby Koans has a set of free tutorials to bring you into the Ruby world until you fully grasp it.

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is actually a free book that is fully read online (you can buy an appropriate ebook from Amazon ).

Learn Code The Hard Way

Learn Code The Hard Way started with Learn Python The Hard Way book (free online), and gradually added other programming languages, including Ruby and C.

HTML5 Rocks

This website provides many free HTML5 resources, such as blog posts and tutorials.

Apple Developer

If you are interested in developing apps for Apple products, you 'd better go to Apple's developer website to learn about the latest trends or learn about the resources that Apple puts online.

Android Developer

Google's Android developer website is becoming more and more perfect, covering videos from Google I/o and other content including application design best practices.

Google Code University

The resources provided by Google Code University are also free of charge. If you are interested in Android development, you should not miss it. It also covers more advanced courses such as distributed systems and network security.

Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo is a place where young people gather to learn programming. If you want your children to join a company like Instagram in the future, you can check whether such an organization is nearby. Its website also has some resources, but it is relatively limited.

Mobiletuts +

Mobiletuts + provides free tutorials and blog posts on Android, iOS, and other mobile development-related topics. It also provides paid services.

Code School

Code School provides online courses and screen capture courses paid by month. There are also a few courses that are free of charge.


Pluralsight provides download-free screen capture tutorials in multiple programming languages.


Bloc promises to make you a web developer within 12 weeks. After you have paid a lot of training fees, Bloc will assign you a programming instructor, just like your personal fitness instructor, you are guided in your learning process. If you decide to choose Bloc, You 'd better prepare three months of full-time study. Only in this way can you afford the high training fee you paid.


At Treehouse, you can watch more than 600 videos at a certain monthly fee and enjoy other services.


The teaching method used by Programr is different from that used by other teaching websites: Students must write truly executable applications to learn programming.


We hope that the websites we have collected will allow you to take immediate actions and ultimately help you achieve the ultimate goal of learning programming. Finally, we also want to give Marissa Louie a piece of advice: Don't settle for anything less than exceptional!

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