Want to be a WIN8 master? Go ahead and play the Win7 pre-installed.

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Introduction: Windows 7 has sold 450 million licenses, the purchase of a genuine Win7 home version of the ordinary needs of 399 yuan, Win7 pre-installed version accompanied by small fat and his friends and family have gone through many days, these days by the Win7 pre-installed version of them together, composed of a group of happy four lattice comics, Classmate Win7 installation steps, to help mom change win7 desktop and Win7 theme, tell the work in the school father how to identify genuine Win7, these dribs and drabs have become a small fat happiness diary, Win7 where, home where, purchase Win7 pre-installed version and heart communication Let love seamless!

Little fat classmate AH stay recently have been entangled to buy Win7 pre-installed this, because a stay want to use the WIN8 system directly, so hesitate. Small fat told him, want to become Win8 master, must play turn Win7 can do. So AH-hang recently bought a Win7 pre-installed.

Genuine Windows7 Operating System

Xiao Fat recommended him to buy Samsung 900X. Because the PC has the world's most lightweight 13-inch design, allowing users to travel with it can hardly feel its presence. The aero-Dura aluminum fuselage is rugged and solid-state drives make data read and write faster and more secure. Automatically adjusts the backlight screen and keyboard to allow it to adapt to more environments. Now, the editor's hand is from Acer's W500. In addition to being frivolous, it has a high-resolution, wide-angle multi-touch screen that allows the world to wander around the fingertips. It's even better place in 2 million front with 5 million rear brake focusing camera, allowing users to capture a detailed and wonderful picture at any time. Users can also be in the tripod good Microsoft flagship store to buy Win7 full range of products, through the network can also order Microsoft Win7 products.

In addition, some of the students have not yet purchased the Win7 pre-loaded, the Win7 family advanced version of the product also has preferential activities held.

From September 19, 2011 to October 31, all customers who buy Win7 family premium products have the opportunity to add a little to their designated storefront to obtain the latest Microsoft Multi-Touch mouse with a value of 799, for more information on the website: http://win7.communicatte.com/ Windows7/index.html, first come, first served, expired.

Identify genuine Win7 operating system software tips:

Pre-installed computers are genuine: Purchase pre-installed genuine Win7 operating system of the brand computer. Not only the lowest price to obtain genuine Win7 experience, but also enjoy the brand of computer sophisticated industrial design, rich features and designed for Win7 optimization performance.

COA Genuine Certificate Label screening: On the purchase of the computer to see if the body is affixed to a symbol of genuine software of the COA (genuine certification label), it is a printed like banknotes, there are metal security line labels, can be in the Microsoft website (click here to enter) on the submission and genuine verification.

Authentic Experience Shop Information screening: If you are in Beijing, you can also go to the Microsoft's authentic experience shop in Zhongguancun to buy the computer or software to verify that the shop has a Microsoft shopping staff to provide you with professional free consultation and certification services.

Windows Genuine Club has the privilege: for users who already use the genuine Windows 7 operating system, you can also join Microsoft Windows Genuine Club online, with all the genuine users in the club, share the experience, share the activities under the line, and win rich gifts, Experience more real genuine user value-added benefits. Members are also free to participate in Win7 weekly online classes, and get Microsoft technical experts on the use of Win7 guidance.

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