Web file Management: Elfinder.net (FTP-enabled)

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Elfinder is a Web-based file manager that is inspired by the Mac OS X Finder program.

Elfinder.net is a demo of the. NET version that uses ASP. 4 to easily manage local files using the Web.

GitHub Address: Https://github.com/leniel/elFinder.Net

However, the current elfinder.net only support the management of local folders, but I need to manage the FTP file function, after searching for a few results, I decided to expand the function, so that elfinder.net can also be used to manage FTP files.

However, this version of the FTP support itself is only to meet the needs of the individual, so it is a little bit humble, now here to share, for reference only: download.

It is called in the same way as the original managed local file:

1                  varFtpaction =NewFtpaction ("FTP Address","FTP Account","ftp Password");2Ftpfileinfo _rootftpfileinfo = Ftpaction.getlistdirectory (string. Empty). Where (p = = P.name = ="FTP Top-level folders"). First ();3 4Ftpfilesystemdriver Driver =Newftpfilesystemdriver ();5  6                  varRoot =NewFTPRoot (_rootftpfileinfo,7                          "/ http"+ Request.Url.Authority +"/files/"+folder)8                  {9URL =".. /file/openfile? Path=",TenIsReadOnly =false,//Can is readonly according to user ' s membership permission OneAlias ="File Server",//Beautiful name given to the Root/home folder AMAXUPLOADSIZEINMB = -,//Limit imposed to user uploaded file -Lockedfolders =Newlist<string> (New string[] {"Folder1" }), -Ftpserverip ="FTP Address", theFtpuser ="FTP Account", -FTPPassword ="ftp Password" -                  }; - driver. Addroot (root); +                  varConnector =NewConnector (driver); -   +                  returnConnector. Process ( This. HttpContext.Request);

Web file Management: Elfinder.net (FTP-enabled)

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