Web page fails to display Chinese problem resolution

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<! DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset= "UTF-8"/>
<p> gentleman's trip, quiet to slim, thrifty to foster virtue. Non-Mingzhi, not quiet and far away. The husband learns to be quiet also, must learn also, not to learn not to be broad, non-zhi not to become learning. The sex is slow to be unable to be refined, the risk is not to be able to smelt. Years and time Chi, meaning and day to go, then become withered and fall, more than the world, sad to keep the poor cottage, will re-ho and! </p>

This is a normal page code, but when I use the browser to open, the Chinese characters become a bunch of garbled.

The reason is that the editor's "format" is ANSI format encoding, the format is changed to "UTF-8" after the normal. The principle and parsing between the specific editor and the browser I'm not too clear.

Web page fails to display Chinese problem resolution

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