Web Programming version 7th

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Web Programming version 7th

Basic knowledge of D11 Chapter
1.1internet Introduction
1.1.1 Origins
Meaning of the 1.1.2internet
1.1.3ip Address
1.1.4 Domain Name
12,000-dimensional network
1.2.1 Origins
1.2.2web or the Internet
1.3web Browser
1.4web Server
1.4.1web Server operation
General features of the 1.4.2 server
1.5 Uniform Resource Locator
Format of 1.5.1url
1.5.2url Path
.1.6.1 Type Description
1.6.2 Experimental Document types
1.7 Hypertext Transfer Protocol
1.7.1 Request Phase
1.7.2 Response Phase
1.8 Security
1.9web Programming Toolbox
1.9.1html Overview
1.9.2 tools for creating HTML documents
1.9.3 Plugins and filters
1.9.4xml Overview
1.9.5 Overview
1.9.6flash Overview
1.9.7php Overview
1.9.8ajax Overview
1.9.9servlet, javaserverpages and Javaserverfaces overview
1.9.10asp.net Overview
1.9.11ruby Overview
1.9.12rails Overview
1.10 Summary of this chapter
1.11 Review Questions
1.12 Exercises

D12 Zhang Html/xhtml Introduction

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Web Programming version 7th

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