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"Course Introduction"
Do you want to build a website quickly?
Do you want to get out of a beautiful station for one or two days without knowing anything?
Do you want to finish the task the leader gave you to find someone to build a station?
Do you want to build your own station to start a business?
Do you want to learn to build a station and make money by building a station for others?
Do you want to build a website that is identical to a website?
You want to let classmates and friends envy you will build station, and very good station?

Just 7 days, we help you achieve.
Annual website construction talent gap nearly tens of millions. Explain the demand for talent urgently.
New IT enterprise millions of per year. Explain the huge demand for jobs.
New website millions of per year. The site construction is a shortage of talent in the industry, it is also a great demand.
About the company or the establishment of the station Development Technology Exchange QQ Group Average daily 10 people need to do the site. How many related QQ groups are there in the country?
Baidu Daily search needs to do a site of at least tens of thousands of people. 360 more? Where's Sogou?
The huge demand crowd and the market, you still worry upsets? Still worry can not find a job of website construction?

Basic course of website construction
1. Earning the first bucket of Gold Foundation-Introduction to basic knowledge of website construction
2. Take a look at the FAQ and tips for buying domain names first
3. Number of fast-registering websites-domain name
4. Quick Application Space
5. Binding and parsing of domain names
6. Introduction and operation of FTP tools
7. Million NET host record
WordPress Build Station Course
1. Want to build an e-commerce website-The secret of quick build station
2. Preparation and installation of local environment for-wordpress
3. Preliminary understanding of-wordpress background and articles, categories, tags _1
4. Mastering the tool-wordpress Multimedia and page module
5. Impact-wordpress Comment Module
6. Construction Station key-wordpress theme Introduction and Installation
7. collocation Theme-wordpress plug-in introduction and installation
8. Rich website 1WordPress Gadget introduction and use
9. Enrich the website 2-wordpress the introduction and use of the menu
10. Two modifications to-wordpress custom module operation
One. WordPress Add Administrator
Discuz Building Forum Course
1. Installation and uploading of discuz
2. Forum background function Overview and background operation introduction
3. Discuz static (pseudo-static) configuration
4. Mail Configuration
5. Discuz anti-irrigation mechanism and configuration method
6. Discuz Forum Logo Replacement method
7. Introduction and setup of Discuz sections and sections
8. Explanation of Discuz Navigation
9. Discuz AD bit settings
10. How to remove copyright information and remove powered by Discuz
11. How to set up user groups and user rights settings detailed explanation
DIY Basic Example Tutorial
Dedecms Base and Imitation station
1. Download and install Dedecms to the virtual host
2. DEDECMS basic knowledge of the background
3. Construction and setting of columns
4. Publication of article content
5. Settings for URLs
6. The use of the DEDECMS self-capture function (1)
7. The use of the DEDECMS self-capture function (2)
8. Dedecms Template Settings
9. Dedecms Template Label Recognition
10. Static HTML to Dedecms template (1)
11. Static HTML to Dedecms template (2)
12. Imitation Station-Single page
13. Copy Station-Save target page
14. Imitation Station-Home (1)
15. Imitation Station-Home (2)
16. Imitation Station-Home (3)
17. Imitation Station-List of articles
18. Copy Station-content page
19. Understanding of Custom Models
20. Simple use of custom models
21. Background template recognition and simple modification
Database backup steps for DEDECMS.
23. Local Build PHP environment + installation Dedecms
WordPress Instance--Build a corporate website
1. WordPress instance 01-Enterprise Topic Preliminary Understanding
2. WordPress instance 02-Production Enterprise Carousel map, navigation bar and contact us
3. WordPress instance 03-Product case Show
4. WordPress instance 04-media coverage and corporate culture
5. Local WordPress porting to Space
The construction of the actual case of a corporate website
1. Enterprise positioning
2. Enterprise Station-dedecms
3. Enterprise Station-Initialize DEDECMS
4. Imitation Station-cutting template
5. Imitation Station-replacement label (head)
6. Imitation Station-replacement label (home)
7. Imitation Station-replacement label (trailer)
8. Imitation Station-replacement label (single page)
9. Copy Station-replace label (product List page)
10. Imitation Station-replacement label (product content page and News list page)
11. Full Site Commissioning Summary
The construction of a practical case of a portal site
1. Basic positioning of the portal
2. Select the appropriate target site, the appropriate CMS
3. Portal Station-install DEDECMS, save target station home
4. Portal station-cutting the main template
5. Portal Station-replace head label
6. Portal Station-replace Home tab
7. Portal station-replace trailing label
8. Portal Station-Replace channel page tab
9. Portal Station-Replace tab page
10. Portal Station-replace content page labels
11. Portal Station-Settings for the search page
12. Portal Station-Install discuz!
13. Portal Station-Simple setup discuz!
14. Portal Station-the data in discuz! is freely called in the DEDECMS main program
15. Portal Station-the data in Dedecms is freely called in the discuz! main program
16. Portal Site Summary
The construction of the actual case of a mall-like website
1. Base positioning
2. Installing DEDECMS
3. Save the page and set up the template
4. Cutting template
5. Replace the head label
6. Template label replacement for slides
7. Replace the home product label
8. Replace the list page template label
9. Replacement of the global head template
10. Product Content page Template
11. Search results Page
12. Summary Debugging
Dreamweaver 0 Foundation Rapid Build Station
1. Installing and cracking Dreamweaver
2. Initial knowledge of Dreamweaver CS6
3. Establishing a site through Dreamweaver
4. dreamweaver Common function Introduction and intelligent prompt function
5. CSS Panel, Properties panel and file panel
6. Web page layout with Dreamweaver
7. Learn to make a business navigation bar with Dreamweaver (top)
8. Learn to create a business navigation bar with Dreamweaver (bottom)
The micro-site construction of the value-giving article
1. HTML page elements
2. On the HTML Format tab
3. Under HTML Format tab
4. HTML text tags and picture tags
5. A Label and table label
6. Forms
7. Drop-down boxes and area boxes
8. Three ways to choose CSS
9. CSS Selector
Ten. CSS Font styles
CSS Background Properties
CSS text styles
CSS cursors, text boxes, list styles
14. Border properties and style inheritance
CSS Table Styles
CSS internal and external margins
. css relative positioning and absolute positioning
CSS Floating
. Div layout
The. Clear property
21. How to quickly get the source code of a favorite website
22. How to quickly extract color-like RGB values and apply
23. Micro-Web Development Exercise 1
24. Micro-Web Development Exercise 2
25. Micro-Web Development Exercise 3
26. Micro-Web Development Exercise 4
27. Micro-Web Development Exercise 5
28. Micro-Web Development Exercise 6
29. Micro-Web Development Exercise 7

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[Web site] Excellent class urgent delivery "0 basic rapid Learning Station" video + Courseware "value of 399 Yuan"

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