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Article Introduction: 10 JavaScript Development Framework with rich UI components.

Today, there are a variety of JavaScript frameworks online to simplify WEB application development. These frameworks provide core features such as DOM operations, animations, event handling, and Ajax interactions, but not all with UI components. Today's article provides a rich Web UI component for the 10 JavaScript frameworks recommended to help you build a nice, consistent, reliable, and highly interactive user interface.


ExtJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, providing a rich set of UI components, including high-performance data tables, charts, tabs, pop-up windows, toolbars, and menus, and so on, complete with Web UI components to help you build a user experience with a good Web application. The latest version is 4.1 to support the development of the MVC pattern.

Dojo Toolkit

Dojo has been a powerful contender for ExtJS since the day it was born, and its biggest advantage is that it is free and can be used freely in commercial projects. Dojo was created by SitePen, with the slogan: Unbeatable JavaScript Tools, the latest release is 1.8.


Qooxdoo is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to make impressive Web applications from object-oriented JavaScript developers. Qooxdoo is maintained by 1&1 company, online example: Http://qooxdoo.org/demos.


SmartClient is an RIA framework created by the isomorphic software company that provides a rich Web UI component that can be well integrated with the server side. SmartClient offers a variety of license agreements: SmartClient version contrast, feature demo address: http://www.smartclient.com/.

ZK Framework

The ZK Framework, developed by Potix, is particularly suited for Java application development and provides rich UI components. can be consolidated into the Eclipse IDE through the provided plug-ins. (now looks like to go over the wall to visit, Khan ~)


Similar to the smartclient, DHTMLX is a rich JavaScript framework that provides a complete set of Web UI components. DHTMLX is not completely free and needs to be paid if more features are needed. Online Demo: http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/demoApps/.


Wijmo is a UI component package developed based on the JQuery UI, and its themes can also be customized through Themeroller. Unlike the JQuery UI, Wijmo is paid for and the latest integrated knockout as a MVVM library. Online Demo Address: http://wijmo.com/demos/.


Vaadin is an open source product that uses the Apache V2 license Agreement, which is developed by it Mill in Finland and is often used in Java applications and program development. Its predecessor is the IT Mill company from 2000 started research and development Millstone user Interface Class library. Online Demo Address: Https://vaadin.com/demo.

Echo Web Framework

Echo is an open source framework for developing rich Web applications, providing very rich and gorgeous basic components and extension components that allow developers to build cool client-side effects without having to develop their own components. Online Demo Address: http://demo.nextapp.com/echo3csjs/.

JQuery Tools

The last recommended framework is a web interface library based on JQuery, which contains the most commonly used tabs (tabs), Tooltip (informational hints), Overlay (Mask, window), scrollable (scrolling control), form Validator (form validation) , Rangeinput (range selection), Dateinput (date selection), etc.

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