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Article Introduction: 25 useful JavaScript libraries that simplify Web developers ' complex tasks.

In web development, in order to create a compelling dynamic Web site, developers often need to use complex programming to achieve some browser effects, complex data validation, and so on, this time using JavaScript becomes very useful, JavaScript is a special feature of the coding language used in conjunction with normal HTML Web pages, and as many technologies evolve, many famous JavaScript libraries come into being, like Dojo, Moo tools and other tools, and he does make work easier for web developers , many complex tasks can be done in a few minutes using JavaScript, however, some unique JavaScript libraries can perform certain tasks on a Web site to produce some effect. This is very useful because they make the site more user-friendly to the user.

Today, I've listed some of the most useful lightweight and unique JavaScript libraries. This list of JavaScript libraries will be of great help to web developers and designers. You can use to create user friendly code that performs a specific function

1. Raphael JavaScript Library

Raphael a small JavaScript library that simplifies your work and creates vector graphics on the network. In particular, if you want to create your own specific chart or image cropping and rotating parts, then use this library can be easily implemented.

2. Twitch

TWITCH is a rich HTML5 production of small game JS scripts. His features always appear in the smallest window

3. Reflection.js

A Reflection.jsReflection.js is a plug-in that generates a translucent projection effect on a picture. A JavaScript library that can add reflection to a picture. It's very simple to just add class= "reflect" to the IMG tag.

4. Java Script Image Effects

5. jrumble

Jrumble is a jquery plugin that allows any element to produce jitter/shake/shake effects. How to use: These effects will be generated when the mouse is moved or clicked.

6. Java Script Live Validation

Live validation is an open source JavaScript client validation that is fast and easy to feature in a very powerful script library. It consists mainly of two parts. First, it provides developers with a rich set of core authentication methods, and second, it provides real-time authentication information, and Ruby on Rails users may find this library very useful because their naming rules and parameters are very approximate. The library has both a standalone version and a Prototype version.

7. Mustache

8. Midori

Midori is a super lightweight JavaScript framework. The function is very much, can use to set Cookie,ajax, special menu effect and so on

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