WebService------The relationship between UDDI SOAP WSDL

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The SOAP (Simple Object access Protocol) Basic objects Access Protocol;

WSDL (Web Services Description Language) Web Service Description Language;

UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and integration) uniformly describes, discovers, and consolidates specifications.

WSDL is used to describe the service;

UDDI is used to register and find services;

Soap, as a transport layer, is used to deliver messages between consumers and service providers. SOAP is the default mechanism for Web services, and other technologies can implement other types of bindings for services.

The user can find the service in the UDDI Registry (registry), obtain a WSDL description of the service, and then invoke the service through SOAP.

Web Services is the ability to turn an application into a Web application, send its own local application information over the network, post it to the network, and allow others to access local information through a browser. Soap is a protocol that defines access to Web Services, which is accessible, what formats are accessible, and what formats are returned, all of which are soap-defined. WSDL is the specific language that describes the SOAP protocol, implements the SOAP protocol with WSDL, writes it as a file, and accesses it directly. UDDI is the collection and storage of these Web services so that when someone accesses the information, they look it up in UDDI to see if that information exists.

How to call Web Services

Client: Obtain the service description file WSDL on the server, parse the contents of the file, understand the service information on the server, and how to call it. Generate the appropriate SOAP request message (specifying the called method, parameters that have been called), as needed, to the server. Waits for the SOAP response message returned by the server to parse to get the return value.

Server: Generates a service description file for the client to obtain. Receives a SOAP request message from the client, parsing the method invocation and the parameter format. Based on the description of WSDL and WSML, the corresponding COM object is called to complete the specified function, and the return value is placed in the SOAP response message back to the user.

SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI are the core technologies of the Web Services framework:

(1) SOAP is a communication protocol for Web services. Soap is a simple, lightweight, XML-based mechanism for structured data exchange between network applications. SOAP consists of three parts: an envelope that defines the framework that describes the content of the message, a set of encoding rules that represent an instance of an application-defined data type, and a convention that represents a remote procedure call and response.

(2) WSDL represents the Web Service description language. A WSDL file is an XML document that describes a set of SOAP messages and how to exchange those messages.

(3) UDDI (Unified description Discovery and Integration) provides a way to publish and find service descriptions. UDDI data entities provide support for defining business and service information. The service description information defined in the WSDL is supplemented by UDDI registry information.

WebService------The relationship between UDDI SOAP WSDL

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