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| domestic

Kaka Net: (domestic test points and global test points can be set up

Stare Speed:

| foreign pingdom:

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However, testing from San Jose, California, USA. Domestic natural egg

Performance level is slightly lower.

Change the video source to seven Qiniu space, the download time becomes 4.35s. Could it be quicker to open in the United States because of the reason why my host is in Hong Kong?

Then try the domestic odd cloud speed measurement (video source seven Qiniu space):

Domestic Qi Yun speed (video source Hong Kong host):

Seven of the domestic cattle seems to be a little faster, in fact, not bad ...

Kaka Network speed measurement (video source seven Qiniu space):

Kaka network speed measurement (Video source Hong Kong host) :

|wordpress site

"Qi Yun" miserable Red, the fastest Shanghai average speed 2.76KB

"Kaka Network" is also a red, with diagnostic tools to diagnose

Address: Hong Kong telecom shatin International Data Center

Volume: 644.8kB

Time: 6.4s

"Pingdom" Perf. grade:88/100 loading time4.84s Page size561.7kb

Foreign score is good, just slower than 71% of all tested websites ... It's still very slow.

| Navigation page Request Analysis

It looks like this is still a video of the resources relatively slow

| Navigation page site ratings

The navigation page finally uses the next stare's website rating, saw the indicator to have the optimization direction

Website Speed test

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