Week2 Bing Dictionary android client case study

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First, software research

Operating platform: Android 4.4.4

Bing Version: 5.2.2

1. Bug Discovery


Bug Title: Word Challenge failed to load and refresh

Bug Detailed Description: The learning interface of the word Challenge module, after the Click does not have any reflection, and click Refresh has always shown "load failed, please retry"

Bug Severity: General

Bug Priority: Important Not urgent

Bug Type: Content-related

2, interview software users understand the software

User background: Junior College of Computer science, Beihang University

The purpose of learning English: preparation for the relevant language test for going abroad

Photos of users using the software:

Data volume: Sufficient amount of Word data to satisfy the use

Interface: Simple and easy to use interface

Function: The function is complete, but lack of excellent photo-taking word function

Accuracy: Accurate in English translation, however, the accuracy of Chinese-English translation is generally

User experience: User experience is OK

Suggestions for improvement: Remove the recommended section of the homepage

Reviews: General

Second, software analysis

1. Software function analysis

There are four types of software features:

Translation functions: Translation functions include phrase translation, sentence translation, sample sentences, speech reading

Learning function: Learning function includes personal word book, classic Thesaurus, individual word memorization, oral training, listening training, recommended reading

Sharing features: Sharing features including sharing words, sharing sentences, sharing learning status

Self-maintenance features: Self-maintenance features include user feedback, check for updates, system settings

2. Project Time Estimation

Team of about 6 people, computer university graduates, have professional UI support

Team members Division:

Design phase: All members of the requirements analysis, requirements Specification design

Writing phase: 1 Members of the server background, 2 members responsible for the platform client UI writing, 1 members are responsible for translating the relevant core modules, 1 members are responsible for the capture of the word and oral exercise data input processing and conversion, 1 members responsible for sharing functions and self-maintenance function of the writing

Test phase: Each individual test module, and then 3 people responsible for the overall test and regression test, 3 people responsible for problem repair

Operation Stage: 2 people are responsible for promoting and communicating with users, receiving feedback; 4 people responsible for running and maintaining

Overall time estimate:

Requirements analysis: 3 weeks; requirements Specification design: 3 weeks; Write code: 4 weeks; test: 3 weeks; run maintenance: Until the project is discarded

Time required before release: 13 weeks

Plus floating time (such as holidays and emergencies), about 4 months (16 weeks)

3. Software pros and cons analysis:


Easy to use interface, in line with the mainstream aesthetic

Versatile, with both translation and learning functions

Customized for the user, for each user's English learning to provide different help


The core translation function is insufficient, the accuracy needs to be improved than Baidu translation

Home recommendations appear superfluous

There are unresolved bugs

4. Parts that can be improved

Improve the accuracy of the core translation function, optimize the homepage, fix the existing bug

III. software recommendations and planning

Problem One: This software has a lot to improve the part, if you are the project manager, how to improve to win from the competition

From the function, improve the existing translation level, from the content, enrich the dictionary content, including various professional dictionaries, domain dictionaries;

Question two: What kind of products are present on the market? What kind of features do you want to design? Why do you want to do this instead of other features? Why does the user use your product/feature? Where is your innovation? can be analyzed with NABCD.

At present, there are two kinds of related products in the market, such as dictionary, PowerWord, Lingoes, Baidu translation and other kinds of products, and other kinds of products such as word chopping, scallop words, etc., which help to memorize words.

The function I want to design is the user blog function.

The reason for this function is that simple word reciting is very dull, and the person who does not master the essentials is very painful, and the software can provide help may not be suitable for everyone, but the experience of classmates/friends may be able to help. Therefore, encourage users to write a study blog, the blog recommended to users who need to improve the efficiency of memorizing words.

Need: User back words may require some special essentials and tricks

Approach: Provides blog functions to encourage users to write blogs. Bloggers get benefits when blogs are liked, and users who see them learn the tricks and tricks that are appropriate

Benefit: Tips for users to get back words

Competitors: The products of this kind of function in the market are not many, there are translation/back Word class products, there are blog products, less the combination of the two products

Delivery: You can advertise on the official website, advertise on a video site, use Weibo to advertise, or consider traditional TV commercials or road ads.

Question three: If your team has 5 people, 4 months, you as a project manager, how should you configure roles (development, testing, artwork, etc.)?

Demand analysis is still working together

Code writing aspect, perhaps can adopt the way that the client displays the webpage, save the manpower cost of different platform client development, let the client become a person to develop

Test to cut one person, fix bug number unchanged

On the art side, if funds are scarce or time is plentiful and the team members have the basis to consider their own design, otherwise you can consider outsourcing

Question four: Describe what your team will do every week during the 16 week period to release the software on schedule in 16 weeks?

1-6-week requirement analysis and design

7-10 Weeks Code Writing

11-13 weeks to test and fix bugs

14-15 weeks to invite users to the beta, continue to fix bugs

16 weeks promotion and release

Week2 Bing Dictionary android client case study

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