What are exp, Exploit, Exploit Pack, Exp-gui, Payload, and Metasploit?

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For walking on the safe side of the side dishes, these several exp, Exploit, Exploit Pack, Exp-gui, Payload, Metasploit noun really turn the person is not light, the following explained to you:

exp, is exploit, exploit the meaning, attention, there is a loophole does not necessarily have exploit (use). There are exploit There must be a loophole. We can extend it to the way we use it, usually in a variety of code. See also: Debug Struts2 s2-021 A little experience

payload, which is based on some specific uses of exp, usually for the vulnerability test platform, can be found in MSF vulnerability Attack Practice system

Exp-gui, this is our commonly known tool, based on Exp, which is written by popular languages such as c,c++ and so on, with a graphical interface of the exploit tool. The sign of the emergence of this is a loophole in the young adulthood. Also foreshadowed the outbreak of the loophole!

Exploit Pack, here the pack can be a variety of use of tools, the vulnerability is mature or used for commercial vulnerabilities, mainly to the client's vulnerability, such as the local ie,pdf reader, flash, etc., it and Metasploit belong to a level of classification, Only Metasploit focuses on remote execution vulnerabilities, and Metasploit is well known.

MetaSploit, Metasploit is a free, downloadable framework that makes it easy to acquire, develop, and attack computer software vulnerabilities. It itself comes with a professional-grade vulnerability attack tool with hundreds of known software vulnerabilities.

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What are exp, Exploit, Exploit Pack, Exp-gui, Payload, and Metasploit?

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