What are some interesting or practical applications for Zhong Ke freeshell?

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Listen to the classmate said, Zhong Ke give students free high-performance Linux virtual host Freeshell, there are more than 2000 VPS, do not know if there is any fun or practical application?

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My family's Freeshell is really a useful vps! At present, I know that there are the following, in fact, there are a lot of applications I did not find, I hope you can add. "Constantly updated in ... 】
  1. ICard analysis of the consumption situation of Chinese college students in one card:http//icard.ustc.edu.cn/
  2. Optional information for all undergraduate students in China Hkust (recently closed due to privacy issues):/http/sqrt-1.me/course
  3. A free multi-room online instant chat room:https://ychat.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/
  4. USTC Spider Real-time capture Hkust news, BBS notice, articles, Hefei new, paste news:https://wq123.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/
  5. Enquire about the name, school number and faculty of Hkust undergraduates:https://wq123.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/ustc/index.php
  6. See the 2015 postgraduate Zhong Ke and admitted student statistics, you can also find a fellow:https://wq123.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/ky/index.php
  7. A free video online conferencing system (seems to have a problem recently):https://freemeet.info/
  8. 2015 Hkust Graduation Ring Exchange System:/http/hilcj.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/ering/index.php
  9. An online Gobang game:/http/sqrt-1.me/game/index.php
  10. Pleasure-Online crawl share movies, books, TV shows and reviews on watercress:http//sharefun.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/
  11. Cross GFW to view the latest tweets for Twitter accounts:/http//crawller.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/
  12. MR Search Online Search for a person's article published by:/httplttt.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/mrs/
  13. Score pre-query system:/httplttt.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/cjcx/
  14. Music station MV Hack Downloader:https://wq123.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/yyt/index.php
  15. TV channel on-campus HD retransmission:https://wq123.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/tv.php
  16. Seminar distribution System:/http/lttt.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/seminar
  17. Macuz Online Academic Issues Exchange:http//discourse.lttt.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/
  18. South Seven book Spectrum-the quickest and safest on-campus old Books Store:/http/bookface.ustc.edu.cn/
  19. Hkust football field Reservation Assistant:/http/yzbx.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/football7.php
  20. HKUST Integrated educational system Verification Code simulation Login tool:/httpzsj.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/mis/
  21. Convert a picture or text into an ASCII code diagram online: http://ascmaster.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/
  22. Hkust Library borrowing statistics and referral system:/httpqiukang.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn/book
Anonymous users have said a lot, I add some:

1. Automatically import the academic system timetable into the mobile calendar software: USTC MIS Tool ( / http zsj.freeshell.ustc.edu.cn /mis Have to say that the current Freeshell has not recovered, a little sad.
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