What are the channels for product managers to obtain competitor data?

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Competitor analysis is an important part of Product manager's work, accurate and complete competition data will help you understand the competition and the market situation, here collect some websites and tools to help you get the competition data conveniently and quickly.aofficial channels for competing goodsFirst of all, do not forget the official position of the competition: the official website, the public number, Weibo and product Help Center. Product updates, company news will generally be released in the first time.two. Company basic Information1.IT Orange: Company-related products, financing mergers and acquisitions, related news and other information aggregation 2.Crunchbase: Similar to IT oranges, overseas company information is more than 3.Enterprise Search and check: Provide enterprise information Inquiry, including business, credit, patent, founding team and other informationthree . APP1.App AnnieProvide data on leaderboard data, industry reports, etc. in different markets 2.ASO100: Provides an estimate of 3 of the rankings and downloads for IOS and the domestic Android market APP.Master Cicada: Similar to ASO100Four. Sound volume trends1.Baidu Index2. Index: Internal Search "index" 3.Google TrendsFive . Industry reports1.Penguin think tank2.Eric3.Questmobile4.TalkingData5.Ali Research Institute6.easy to view7.today's headline Data reportSix. Self-media related1.New List2.Headline Index Seven. OtherIf the competitor has already been listed, the company's financial results can be used as an important reference, of course, if you have a good relationship with a friend in the relevant company, the data obtained will be more reliable. The suggestion here is, do not wait for the time needed to go online a random search, but usually to maintain the attention of the competition, often to see the relevant industry reports, meet the value of the timely collection and finishing, when needed to take to use. Source: Pinterest

What are the channels for product managers to obtain competitor data?

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