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Undergraduate other engineering graduate, change the choice to go to the training course, learned the php,java,ios,c and so on programmer, and received the university four years undergraduate education what is the difference?

PS: Undergraduate computer, software engineering Major in PHP, Java,ios?

Please tell me what your major is.

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Software Engineering-Information attack and protection direction

The school did not learn objective-c, PHP. The school teaches HTML (cover face), C, C + +, C #. NET (now think about learning a lot of C), Java.

There are some differences than the training courses, such as the commonly used digital encryption technology (symmetric, asymmetric, really common), database design, complex sub-query (or a bit of learning), computer network (basic disciplines have no use, look at your mood), operating system (well, will also use, otherwise many things difficult to understand), Network information attack and protection (do not learn this you do not understand how bad the current network environment, you also do not realize how to protect the privacy of users), system-level programming, compiling principles and so on are not listed.

In fact, I don't know the course. However, I have just enumerated that there should be very few training courses specifically, after all, thankless. Data structures and algorithms are said to have been taught, but not clear to what extent, do not know can flip two fork tree not (fog).

My undergraduate courses are as follows:

Introduction to computer systems Introduction to computer system

C language Programming C Language programming

Programming Basics Programming Fundamentals

Discrete Mathematics Discrete Mathematics

Cryptography cryptology

Introduction to Object-oriented programming (bilingual) Introduction to object-oriented programming

Digital logic: Applying and designing digital logic:application and Design

Data structures and algorithms structures & algorithmic

Course design of data structure and algorithm practice in data Structure & Algorithmic

Computer Architecture Computer Architecture

Operating system operating system

Computer network (bilingual) computer Networks

Software Engineering (bilingual) software Engineering

Software Engineering course design practice in software Engineering

Database System (Bilingual)

System-level programming (bilingual), programming

Software Architecture Software Architecture

Professional English professional 中文版

Art appreciation and humanistic knowledge artistic appreciation and humanistic knowledge

Application practice of discrete Mathematics paratice in discrete mathematics

C + + Language programming C + + Language programming

Microcomputer principle and Interface technology microcomputer System & Interface Technology

Three-dimensional modelling and animation technology 3D design Technique

Introduction to Human-computer interaction (bilingual) Introduction to Human-computer Interaction

Based on. NET development technology. NET Based Development Technology

Computer Graphics Computer Graphics

Software development environment and tool software development environments & Tools

Digital Image processing Processing

Game Programming Technology-ⅰgame Programming Technology-i

Game programming Practice-ⅰpractice in Game programming-i

Unix Operating system Unix Operating system

Compiler principle Compiler principles

Multimedia Technology Multimedia Technology

Embedded Systems Embedded System

Networking and Information security Technology Network and information security technology

Information Security product Development practice practice in information security products development

Distributed systems with Internet (bilingual) Distributed system and Internet

Software processes Software Process

Software Requirements analysis software Requirements analyses

Distributed systems with Internet (bilingual) Distributed system and Internet

Networking Engineering Network Engineering

Computer Resource management Program design (bilingual) computer Resource administration programming

Information Security product Development practice practice in information security products development

Patterns Recognition Pattern Recognition

Wireless networking Technology Wireless network technology

Formal validation of software systems (bilingual) software system Model Checking

Software project Management (bilingual) software project Management

Software Quality assurance and testing (bilingual) software quality assurance and testing

Cyber information attack and protection network information Attack and defence

Middleware Technology Middleware Technology

Major in computer science and technology.

Well, this is the trained of the Lord's Word.

c,c++,java,8086 assembly, computer composition principle, operating system, compiling principle, microcomputer principle and interface technology, circuit and electronic technology (modular electricity), digital logic (number of electricity), data structure, database principle, EDA technology, algorithm analysis and design, computer network, object-oriented system analysis, Software engineering, Windows Programming (QT), Digital image processing, computer graphics.

Calculus, probability theory, discrete mathematics, linear algebra.

For the computer, we this profession from the most fundamental digital logic, learned the high-level language, PHP Android HTML did not teach, the training class came out of the work of the people to do our profession to learn also capable, but we can not be able to do the training course. The Lord didn't mean to belittle PHP. After all, the training class came out to write a lot of PHP is spicy chicken, the real god, cough cough.

I believe that the Lord has his own view of the problem.

(Late-night answer, silently beg a praise!!!) For a thank you heart computer Science and technology

Learn the course above a lot of people said, their own study of water will not say.

Originally did not decide to be a programmer, because to the first program Hello,world, Inner Spit Groove is, you special what this ghost.
And then played a period of time hardware, into the computer city for half a year, to the installed Price = Cost price of +200 to help a lot of students, that is, we sell computers in the mouth.
I should be, 4 years of parallel imports representative, class basically doing other things.
But I compared with those non-IT professional, learning skills will be faster, and it seriously learn that a bunch of people is far away.
Other professional and my difference is poor awareness and programming, although the water, but around the serious study, I know how they go hard to learn, how to seriously practice.
With ordinary procedural apes, the difference is a word, when I am at the crossroads of life, I know which way is right, no doubt I know, but I do not go. You asked me why? Because it's too damn hard.
and other professional, with the ordinary procedure ape, in addition to the efforts also poor awareness, is not aware that programming is a very long process, do not spell IQ, fight is to persist and efforts. is a short time can not cross the gap, many people do not know, has been at the bottom of the ditch, to ask, "What am I going to do next?" Do I learn this way, right? Do you have a high salary for this study? ”
"Do what you want to do, you do all right, learn well on the high salary, after another two or three years, you came out." ”

Compared to all of the above to look at the name of the boring course.
It's better to learn the course that they all know, Practical。 Professional finance, graduation began to learn computer. Practitioners 10, from the training course to the most awesome big enterprises do research and development. All around is a first-class university graduate at least.

First of all, the notable difference between a class and a training course is the following: data structure, compiling principle, operating system, graphics. And many training courses basically only teach API calls, so the course of graduation 99% is rubbish.

When the debut was SSH popular, the training course only teach ssh, because SSH only need to read the product manual to follow the line. But by doing a few projects, you will find that you are not improving, and you are still an assembler. So I write the framework, I see the source code. If you don't understand the list, you can't read most of the classes under Java.util. If you don't understand the structure of hashmap, you can't really understand load balancing. When the HTML5 era comes, you will find that the requirements for the front end are not lower, but higher. If you don't understand the operating system, you don't really understand closures. When the 3d rises and doesn't understand graphics you can't really build your graphical engine, don't say Three.js has done most of it. A product-level application must be less externally dependent, especially since we have been blackmailed by Oracle for several billions of times in Java.

OK, I believe the landlord has come to a conclusion. Control science and Engineering (automation), lick face forcibly trained
Courses include: Automation Principles, Modern control theory, Introduction to Advanced control, nonlinear control, Process Control
Mental control, control ideation, primary control enchantments, Introduction to intermediate psychological control, advanced omni-directional stereo control

The above DotA a non-211 university software engineering students, freshman C language, computer introduction, Big C + +, sophomore c#dotnet, data structure, 8086 assembly, sophomore computer network, database, Web, digital Electronic Logic Foundation, software engineering, sophomore computer algorithm analysis, UML modeling, computer composition principles, software requirements engineering, software design patterns, JAVA, Japanese, Linux or arm elective, junior software testing, software outsourcing project management and case studies, professional English, compiling principles, information system security, Japanese, elective storage Technology Foundation or C # Web or software engineering manager or mobile cloud computing or mobile application design and development or Java Advanced or Java Architecture Technology, junior to basic elective or project training. Senior Internship.

There are, of course, many courses and basic engineering courses with Chinese characteristics, which are no longer listed here.

If there is a need, you can go back to the film and include all the courses you need to learn at the undergraduate stage. I "Computer science and technology." 12 years of Graduate programming: PASCAL,C,VB, compiling other subjects that are in the computer: data structure, compiling principle, composition principle, digital circuit, analog circuit other: high number, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, probability statistics, college English, university physics. What else is the network security, operating system, multimedia can not remember anything. I had no ios,java at school, but the school didn't teach. Work in the study: Java,c#,asp,vc,python,ruby. There are other middleware and so on.
I have also been a part-time teacher training course. If the difference between the two, generally speaking, college school teaching is focused on the cultivation of knowledge, is about the principle of understanding is the internal things. is an in-depth understanding of the computer. The training pays more attention to the application of practical language and the use of tools, and the teaching process is to use examples of practical projects to teach (for example, the training course teaches coding norms, and the university curriculum is certainly not specifically taught). So that students can be employed.
There is no difference between the two purposes, there is no good or bad points. Even if you are a professional graduate, in order to get a job you need to learn the actual working language and tools (whether self-taught or attending a training course). A lot of the answers are that. Genius and training institutions to compare the slag, I think to do this at least decently undergraduate
C VF Java C # ee VB
Database compiling principle compilation data structure software test software architecture introduction to network engineering software
There's a lot to remember.
Postgraduate stage a lot of things from the new learning more and more machine learning Big Data network security and so many theoretical lessons on the actual code requirements are not much
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